Euphaea decorata Selys, 1853

Phan, Quoc Toan, Kompier, Tom, Karube, Haruki & Hayashi, Fumio, 2018, A synopsis of the Euphaeidae (Odonata: Zygoptera) of Vietnam, with descriptions of two new species of Euphaea, Zootaxa 4375 (2), pp. 151-190 : 170-171

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Euphaea decorata Selys, 1853


Euphaea decorata Selys, 1853 View in CoL

( Fig. 13a–b View FIGURE13 )

Euphaea decorata: Selys (1853) View in CoL , p. 51; Martin (1904), p. 218 [‘Looks very common in Tonkin’]; van Tol & Rozendaal (1995), p. 100 [Specimens from Tam Dao National Park, Vinh Phuc Prov.]; Hämäläinen (2004), pp. 393–394; Do & Dang (2007), p. 34, distribution map [Records from Lang Son, Vinh Phuc, Ha Tinh and Quang Ninh Provinces]; Wilson & Zaifu (2007), pp. 93, 120; Zhang (2010), p. 25 (species list); Phan et al. (2011), Figs 38–41, pp. 27–28 [Specimens from Phu Tho Prov.].

Materials examined. [ Vietnam] 2♂, Tu Le , Yen Bai Prov., 19.V.2014, Q.T. Phan leg. ( PQTC) ; 1♂, Nam Bung , Yen Bai Prov., 11.V.2014, T. Kompier leg. (TKC) ; 1♀, Xuan Son National Park , Phu Tho Prov., 16.IX.2015, Q.T. Phan leg. ( PQTC) ; 4♂ 2♀, Cham Chu, Ham Yen , Tuyen Quang Prov., 12.VII.2015, Hoang Vu Tru leg. ( PQTC) . [ China] 2♂, Chebaling, Shixing, Shaoguan , Guangdong Prov., 04.X.2008, X. Yu leg. ( PQTC) ; 1♂ 1♀, Shenzeng , Guangdong Prov., 9–10.VII.2016, F. Hayashi leg. (FHC) ; 1♂ 1♀, Hong Kong , 11–12.VII.2016, F. Hayashi leg. (FHC) ; 2♂, Damingshan , Guangxi Prov., 6.VI.2014, F. Hayashi leg. (FHC) ; 1♂, Jinhuacha , Guangxi Prov., 7.VI.2014, F. Hayashi leg. (FHC) ; 1♂ 1♀, Shiwandashan , Guangxi Prov., 9.VI.2014, F. Hayashi leg. (FHC).

Other materials confirmed by field observations. [ Vietnam] Some individuals, Ha Giang Prov. , VII.2014, T. Kompier; Some individuals, Cao Bang Prov. , VI, VII.2014, V, VI, IX, X.2015, T. Kompier; Some individuals, Lang Son Prov. , VI.2014, V, VI, VII, X.2015, T. Kompier; 15 exs, Thai Nguyen Prov. , 15.VI.2015, T. Kompier ; 1♂, Bac Giang Prov., 22.VI.2015, T. Kompier; Some individuals, Yen Bai Prov., V, VI, VII.2014, V, VI, VII, X.2015, VII.2016, T. Kompier; Some individuals, Xuan Son National Park , Phu Tho Prov. , X.2013, V, VI, VII, IX, X, XI.2014, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X.2015, V, VII, VIII.2016, T. Kompier; 5 exs, Hoa Binh Prov. , 27.VI.2014, T. Kompier; Some individuals, Tam Dao National Park, Vinh Phuc Prov. , VIII, IX.2013, VI, VII.2014, VII.2015, T. Kompier; 25 exs, Vinh Phuc Prov. , 16.VIII.2015, T. Kompier; 4 exs, Ba Vi National Park, Ha Noi City, 14.IX.2013, T. Kompier; 15 exs, Quang Ninh Prov. , 25.VI.2017, T. Kompier; 50 exs, 8–9.VII.2017, Bac Kan Prov. , T. Kompier.

Notes. This species is widely distributed in northern Vietnam and is often abundant. Synthorax of male black with yellow stripes that become entirely obscured with age ( Fig. 13a View FIGURE13 ). Male FW are hyaline, but the HW are black from the nodus outward for about three-fifths of the wing distal of the nodus, the apex hyaline. In the female the wings are tinged amber ( Fig. 13b View FIGURE13 ).

Distribution. Vietnam (Ha Giang, Cao Bang, Bac Kan, Lang Son, Thai Nguyen, Bac Giang, Quang Ninh, Yen Bai, Phu Tho, Hoa Binh, Tuyen Quang, Vinh Phuc, Ha Noi and Ha Tinh Provinces) ( Do and Dang 2007, this study), China (Hubei, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Fujian, Guangdong, Hong Kong, Guangxi and Yunnan Provinces) (van Tol & Rozendaal 1995, Hämäläinen 2004, Zhang 2010).














Euphaea decorata Selys, 1853

Phan, Quoc Toan, Kompier, Tom, Karube, Haruki & Hayashi, Fumio 2018

Euphaea decorata

: Selys 1853
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