Euphaea guerini Rambur, 1842

Phan, Quoc Toan, Kompier, Tom, Karube, Haruki & Hayashi, Fumio, 2018, A synopsis of the Euphaeidae (Odonata: Zygoptera) of Vietnam, with descriptions of two new species of Euphaea, Zootaxa 4375 (2), pp. 151-190 : 178-179

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Euphaea guerini Rambur, 1842


Euphaea guerini Rambur, 1842 View in CoL

( Figs 14c View FIGURE 14 , 15b View FIGURE15 , 16d View FIGURE 16 , 18c, 18h View FIGURE 18 , 20e View FIGURE 20 )

Euphaea guerini: Rambur (1842) View in CoL , pp. 229–230 [Holotype from Cochinchine (southern Vietnam)]; Selys & Hagen (1854), pp. 179–181, Fig. 2 View FIGURE 2 , pl. 14; Martin (1904), p. 218; Asahina (1969), p. 5 [Specimens from various locations in South Vietnam, with those on E. guerini View in CoL and E. masoni View in CoL mixed]; van Tol & Rozendaal (1995), p. 103–104, Figs 20–21 View FIGURE 20 View FIGURE21 [Specimens from Ha Tinh and Thua Thien Hue Provinces; Fig. 20 View FIGURE 20 suggests that part of the specimens are E. saola View in CoL sp. nov.]; Hämäläinen & Karube (2001), p. 213 [Specimens from Bao Loc, Lam Dong Prov.]; Yokoi & Kano (2002), p. 24 (species list); Wilson & Reels (2003), p. 252, Figs 26–27; Yokoi & Souphanthong (2005), p. 38 (species list); Do & Dang (2007), p. 34 (distribution map); Phan et al. (2011), Figs 44–45, p. 32 [Photo of male from Xuan Son National Park, Phu Tho Prov. (Fig. 45), locality erronously given as Huu Lien, Lang Son Prov. (Phan pers. comm.)].

Euphaea guerini guerini: Asahina (1977) View in CoL , p. 173, Figs 30–33 [No new material included]; Asahina (1996), p. 191, Figs 1–2 View FIGURE1 View FIGURE 2 , p. 11 View FIGURE11 [Specimens from Tam Dao, Vinh Phuc Prov.].

Materials examined. [ Vietnam] 1♂, Xuan Son National Park , Phu Tho Prov., 25.V.2014, Q.T. Phan leg. ( PQTC) ; 1♂, Xuan Son National Park , Phu Tho Prov., 13.IV.2014, T. Kompier leg. (TKC) ; 1♂ 1♀, Bhalee, Tay Giang District , Quang Nam Prov., 17.IX.2015, Q.T. Phan leg. ( PQTC) ; 2♂, Bhalee, Tay Giang District , Quang Nam Prov., 17.IX.2015, F. Hayashi leg. (FHC) ; 2♂ 1♀, Quang Nam Prov., 21.VI.2016, T. Kompier leg. (TKC) ; 5♂, Ba To, Quang Ngai Prov., 7.IX.2017, Pham Thi Nhi leg. ( PQTC). [ China] 2♂, Jinhuacha , Guangxi Prov., 7.VI.2014, F. Hayashi leg. (FHC).

Other materials confirmed by field observations. [ Vietnam] 40 exs, Thai Nguyen Prov., 15.VI.2015, T. Kompier; Some individuals, Xuan Son National Park, Phu Tho Prov. , IV, V, VI.2014, III, IV, V, VI.2015, IV, V.2016, T. Kompier; Some individuals, Tam Dao National Park, Vinh Phuc Prov. , V, VI.2014, T. Kompier; 60 exs, Vinh Phuc Prov. , 12.IV.2015, T. Kompier; 12 exs, Hoa Binh Prov. , 27.VI.2014, T. Kompier; Some individuals, Nghe An Prov. , V, VI.2015, T. Kompier; Some individuals, Ha Tinh Prov. , V, VI.2015, V.2016, T. Kompier; Some individuals, Quang Binh Prov. , IV, V, VI.2016, T. Kompier; Some individuals, Quang Tri Prov. , V, VI.2016, T. Kompier; Some individuals, Thua Thien-Hue Prov. , V.2016, T. Kompier; Some individuals, Quang Nam Prov. , IV, V, VI.2016, T. Kompier ; 1♂, Gia Lai Prov., 13.V.2017, T. Kompier.

Notes. Euphaea guerini was originally described by Rambur (1842) based on specimens from southern Vietnam, but the description did not contain any figures of structures. Later, Selys & Hagen (1854) provided a more detailed description of Rambur’s holotype, including a good illustration of the appendages (see Fig. 2 View FIGURE 2 , pl. 14 in Selys & Hagen 1854). The shape of S10 ( Fig. 20f View FIGURE 20 ) and the small size of the Vietnamese specimens is in line with this description and supports the identification of the material presented in this study as Euphaea guerini and not E. saola sp. nov..

Male of Euphaea guerini has black body and extensively darkened wings. FW are hyaline both basally and apically. HW are very dark with metallic blue on the underside covering about two-thirds of the wing, and with green flash on basal anal area on the upperside ( Fig. 14c View FIGURE 14 ). Male S9 bears a bundle of hairs ( Fig. 15b View FIGURE15 ). In female, wings are hyaline with orange-yellowish area basally, and head, thorax and abdomen marked yellowish as in Figure 16e View FIGURE 16 . This species has not been recorded in Thailand ( Hämäläinen 2017) and Cambodia ( Kosterin 2014, 2016), although Martin (1904) and then Asahina (1985) mentioned Cambodia as a locality of this species without giving a specific location. Yokoi & Kano (2002) and Yokoi & Souphanthong (2005) reported it from central and southern Laos. However, in Cambodia, central to southern Laos, and central Vietnam, the past records of Euphaea guerini may include E. saola sp. nov.

Distribution. Vietnam (Thai Nguyen, Phu Tho, Vinh Phuc, Hoa Binh, Nghe An, Ha Tinh, Quang Binh, Quang Tri, Thua Thien-Hue, Quang Nam, Quang Ngai, Lam Dong and Khanh Hoa Provinces), China (Guangxi Province) ( Wilson & Reels 2003), Laos (Bolikhamxay and Attapeu Provinces) ( Yokoi & Kano 2002, Yokoi & Souphanthong 2005).














Euphaea guerini Rambur, 1842

Phan, Quoc Toan, Kompier, Tom, Karube, Haruki & Hayashi, Fumio 2018

E. saola

Phan & Kompier & Karube & Hayashi 2018

Euphaea guerini guerini:

Asahina 1977

Euphaea guerini

: Rambur 1842

E. guerini

: Rambur 1842
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