Anderson, Robert S., 2002, The Dryophthoridae of Costa Rica and Panama: Checklist with keys, new synonymy and descriptions of new species of Cactophagus, Mesocordylus, Metamasius and Rhodobaenus (Coleoptera; Curculionoi, Zootaxa 80, pp. 1-94: 22

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Tribe Litosomini  Lacordaire

Aside from the genera Sitophilus  and Cosmopolites  , these are the most rarely encountered Dryophthoridae  . There are seven genera and 12 species present, including one new genus and four new species to be described in a forthcoming paper (Anderson, in press). They are characterized by a normal articulation between the femur and tibia, and a rhomboidal scutellum with its greatest width near the middle. Very little is known of their natural history.