Lithobius (Lithobius) pilicornis Newport, 1844

Zapparoli, Marzio & Iorio, Etienne, 2012, The centipedes (Chilopoda) of Corsica: catalogue of species with faunistic, zoogeographical and ecological remarks, International Journal of Myriapodology 7, pp. 15-68: 25

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Lithobius (Lithobius) pilicornis Newport, 1844


10. Lithobius (Lithobius) pilicornis Newport, 1844 

Lithobius doriae  Pock. [sic]: Pocock 1894: 164. (1)

Lithobius pilicornis hexodus  Bröl.: Léger and Duboscq 1903: 309. (2)

Lithobius hexodus  Bröl.: Verhoeff 1925a: 656. (3)

Lithobius pilicornis  : Brölemann 1926: 232. (4)

Lithobius doriae uccianensis  Verhoeff 1943: 15. (5)

Lithobius (Lithobius) doriae  (Pocock, 1890): Minelli 1978: 154. (6)

Lithobius pilicornis  Newport, 1844: Foddai et al. 1996: 360, Tab. I. (7)

Lithobius (Lithobius) pilicornis  Newport, 1844: Geoffroy and Iorio 2009: 678. (8)

Lithobius (Lithobius) pilicornis  Newport, 1844: Iorio 2010b: 43, 81, 98, figs 81, 82, 83. (9)

Literature records.

General. Sardinia-Corsica (6). Corsica (3, 4, 7, 8, 9). Epigeic. Corse-du-Sud, 2A - Ajaccio (1, 2) [I]. Bastelica, above of Petite Scaldasole (9) [III]. Bastelica, Val d’Ese, 1671 m, Fagus sylvatica  (9) [III]. Between Bastelica and Mount Renoso, 1200 m, Quercetum  (9) [II]. Ucciani (5, loc. typ. of Lithobius doriae uccianensis  Verhoeff, 1943) [II]. Haute-Corse, 2B - Folleli, Faille d’Emerini [Mt] (9) [III]. Vizzavona (2) [III].

Material examined.

Epigeic. Corse-du-Sud, 2A - Col de Bavella, NE slope, 1100 m: 14.VII.1982, AVT, 1 ex MZ det. (CMZ) [II]. Col de Forét de l’Ospedale, 950 m: 14.VII.1982, AVT, 1 ex MZ det. (CMZ) [II]. Zonza, surroundings: 13.VIII.1997, MZ, 1 ♂ MZ det. (CMZ) [II]. Haute-Corse, 2B - Vizzavona, Fagus sylvatica  wood, 1100 m: 2.VI.1982, VS, 1 ex MZ det. (CMZ) [III]; ibidem, Fagus sylvatica  wood, 1600 m: 2.IV.1991, RA, 1 ex MZ det. (CMZ) [III].

General distribution.

Europe: France (mainland, Corsica), Great Britain (including Channel Is.), Italy (northern regions, Sardinia), Portugal (mainland, Azores, Madeira), Spain (mainland, Canary Is.), The Netherlands; North Africa: Morocco; introduced in Ireland, Nicobare Is. (India) and Sao Tomé (Gulf of Guinea).



Ecological notes.

950-1671 m, altitudinal range probably wider; montane and submontane species, recorded from localities in the Supramediterranean and Montane belts; the old record from Ajaccio by Pocock (1894) is questionable as the locality is outside the usual altitudinal range of the species; mostly in Fagus sylvatica  woods (3 sites) but also in Quercus  woods (1 site). See Iorio (2010b).