Ananteris coineaui Lourenco , 1982

Ythier, Eric, 2018, A synopsis of the scorpion fauna of French Guiana, with description of four new species, ZooKeys 764, pp. 27-90: 28

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Ananteris coineaui Lourenco , 1982


Ananteris coineaui Lourenco, 1982  Fig. 1


Lourenço 1982, Lourenço and Cuellar 1999, Fet et al. 2000, Lourenço 2003a.


Downstream from Saut Pararé on Arataye river, Approuague tributary, one female (holotype), MNHNRS8504, J.P. Gasc coll., IV-V/1979. Right bank of Arataye river, downstream from Saut Pararé, in a palm tree ( Astrocaryum paramaca  ) in forest, two females (paratypes), J.P. Gasc coll., I/1981. Saül, in a palm tree, one female, deposited in the MNHN, W. Lourenço leg.


Species of medium to large size compared to the average size of the other species within the genus (32.7 mm in total length for female holotype). General coloration dark yellow with brown to dark brown variegated pigmented zones. Carapace dark yellow with dark brown spots mainly on the anterior edge; lateral and posterior edges with less spots; eyes surrounded by black pigment. Mesosoma dark yellow with confluent brownish spots on all tergites; the VII with a triangular brownish spot; the lateral edges with square spots with the center lighter. Venter yellow ochre to brownish, with dark brown spots on edges of sternites V to VII, especially on the VII. Metasomal segments I to III reddish yellow, IV and V reddish; one triangular brownish spot on I to IV, dorsally. Vesicle reddish yellow, lighter than metasomal segment V; base of aculeus yellowish, tip reddish. Chelicerae yellow with a dark brown spot anteriorly, at the base of fingers; fingers reddish black. Pedipalps dark yellow; femur, patella, and chela strongly marked with dark brown spots; chela almost entirely dark brown; fingers reddish yellow. Legs reddish yellow, with numerous dark brown spots. Carapace with moderately marked granulation; anterior margin almost straight; all furrows moderate to weak. Tergites with moderately marked granulation, similar to that of carapace, better marked posteriorly; median carina well-marked on all tergites. Pectinal tooth count 16-16 to 17-17 in female. Sternites with spiracles linear. Metasomal segments with 10-10-8-8-5 crenulate carinae; intercarinal spaces strongly granular on all segments; segment V rounded. Vesicle with some granulation lateraly; subaculear tooth strongly marked. Pedipalp femur pentacarinate; patella and chela with weak to vestigial carinae; movable fingers with seven linear rows of granules.