Allantus rufocingulatus Tischbein, 1852,

Taeger, Andreas, 2013, The type specimens of Tenthredo Linnaeus, 1758 (Hymenoptera: Tenthredinidae) deposited in the Hungarian Natural History Museum, Zootaxa 3626 (2), pp. 201-244: 227

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Allantus rufocingulatus Tischbein, 1852


Allantus rufocingulatus Tischbein, 1852 

A junior subjective synonym of Tenthredo (Elinora) flaveola Gmelin, 1790  . Synonymy by Mocsáry (1879 b), as a synonym of Tenthredo dispar Klug, 1817  , which is considered to be a junior subjective synonym of T. flaveola  .

TYPE. Allantus rufocingulatus Tischbein, 1852: 108  . Holotype, “Ƥ” (recte: 3), “ Ungarn ”. Examined.

DISCUSSION. Mocsáry (1880: 270) already noted that Tischbein described a male, not a female. A specimen without collection data (“ 96.”; “ Allantus dispar  Kl. rufocingulatus Tischb.  ”; [red label without data]) is considered to be the holotype of rufocingulatus  and belongs to flaveola  .