Allantus obesus Mocsáry, 1880,

Taeger, Andreas, 2013, The type specimens of Tenthredo Linnaeus, 1758 (Hymenoptera: Tenthredinidae) deposited in the Hungarian Natural History Museum, Zootaxa 3626 (2), pp. 201-244: 223

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Allantus obesus Mocsáry, 1880


Allantus obesus Mocsáry, 1880 

A senior objective synonym of Tenthredo (Cephaledo) neobesa Zombori, 1980  .

TYPES. Allantus obesus Mocsáry, 1880: 271  . Syntype (s) Ƥ, “In Alto-Balkan Bulgariae”. Primary homonym of Allantus obesus Norton, 1860  [= Eriocampa juglandis (Fitch, 1857)  ]. Lectotype Ƥ, hereby designated ( Fig. 30View FIGURE 30). Type locality: “Balkan” [= Bulgaria: Stara planina].

= Tenthredo neobesa  Zombori, 1980: 184. Replacement name for Allantus obesus Mocsáry, 1880  .

DISCUSSION. Zombori (1977) and Taeger (1985) wrongly considered the only syntype specimen in the HNHM to be the holotype. Mocsáry (1880) did not state the number of the specimens in his description; thus, this specimen is considered to be a syntype. This specimen is hereby designated as lectotype ( Fig. 30View FIGURE 30). Based on Mocsáry’s original description, Blank & Taeger (1998) discussed the confusion surrounding T. pseudorossii Taeger, 1985  , T. neobesa  and T. jelochovcevi  . Tenthredo obesa sensu Zombori, 1977  and Tenthredo neobesa sensu Taeger, 1985  represent Tenthredo jelochovcevi Vassilev, 1971  . The proposed synonymy of T. pseudorossii  is hereby confirmed.