Tenthredo atra,

Taeger, Andreas, 2013, The type specimens of Tenthredo Linnaeus, 1758 (Hymenoptera: Tenthredinidae) deposited in the Hungarian Natural History Museum, Zootaxa 3626 (2), pp. 201-244: 222-223

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Tenthredo atra


Tenthredo atra  var. nigrifemur Zilahi Kiss, 1927 

A junior subjective synonym of Tenthredo (Maculedo) trabeata Klug, 1817  . Synonymy by Roller & Haris (2008).

TYPE. Tenthredo atra  var. nigrifemur Zilahi Kiss, 1927: 12  . Type locality: “Südkarpathen (Retyezat)” [= Romania: Retezát]. Holotype, Ƥ. Examined.

DISCUSSION. Endre Zilahi Kiss (1927) described the variety nigrifemur in German but used as author the Hungarian style of his name (“Dr. Z. Kiss Endre”). Therefore Taeger et al. (2010) used the incorrect authorship “Endre”. Roller & Haris (2008: 39) noted in their comprehensive study of the Carpathian Basin: “ Tenthredo atra  var. nigrifemur Zilahi Kiss, 1927  = Tenthredo trabeata  (Klig [sic!], 1817) (not T. atra  L.!) - p. 12. Loc. typ.: Retyezát (Mt. Retezat) (Transylvania)”. They obviously saw the type specimen, because the description does not allow such a conclusion. The holotype is an atypically coloured specimen of T. trabeata  , in that the usual distinct lateral yellow of terga 3–6 is only very faintly indicated. According to the labels, X. Scobiola-Palade recognized this synonymy but probably did not publish it.