Allantus lateralis Mocsáry, 1909,

Taeger, Andreas, 2013, The type specimens of Tenthredo Linnaeus, 1758 (Hymenoptera: Tenthredinidae) deposited in the Hungarian Natural History Museum, Zootaxa 3626 (2), pp. 201-244: 220

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Allantus lateralis Mocsáry, 1909


Allantus lateralis Mocsáry, 1909 

A senior objective synonym of Tenthredo (Tenthredo) calvaria Enslin, 1912  .

TYPES. Allantus lateralis Mocsáry, 1909: 25  –26. Syntype (s) Ƥ, “Sibiria orientalis: Ussuri (Kasakewitsh)”. Secondary homonym of Tenthredo lateralis Mocsáry, 1909  [= Tenthredo (Tenthredella) contusa (Enslin, 1912)  ]. Lectotype Ƥ, hereby designated ( Fig. 25View FIGURE 25). Type locality: “Ussuri Kasakewitsch” [= Russia: Khabarovskiy Kray: Kazakevichevo].

= Tenthredo calvaria Enslin, 1912 b: 104  . Replacement name for Allantus lateralis Mocsáry, 1909  .

DISCUSSION. Taeger (1988 b) mentioned the “ holotype ” of the taxon, but the original status of the only available type was syntype. The specimen is hereby designated as lectotype ( Fig. 25View FIGURE 25). The species belongs to the T. arcuata  complex. The validity of the taxa of the complex needs further investigation. Tenthredo calvaria  currently seems to be well defined by colouration (Taeger 1988 b). Unpublished COI sequence data show a rather weak separation of calvaria  from European taxa. On the other hand, nearly all taxa of the T. arcuata  complex fall in the same barcoding cluster as the examined calvaria  specimens (Barcode Index Number: BOLD:AAD 3089). Further studies are needed to confirm the validity of the species.