Hydrozoanthus sp. 2

Reimer, James D., Poliseno, Angelo & Hoeksema, Bert W., 2014, Shallow-water zoantharians (Cnidaria, Hexacorallia) from the Central Indo-Pacific, ZooKeys 444, pp. 1-57: 14-15

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Hydrozoanthus sp. 2


Taxon classification Animalia Zoantharia Hydrozoanthidae

15. Hydrozoanthus sp. 2   Figures 12D, 13

Specimens examined.


Photographic records

(n=1). East Kalimantan Program station BER.20, Tanjung Pandan shoal, southwest of Pulau Panjang, East Kalimantan, Berau Islands (02°19'15"N, 118°06'33"E), October 22, 2003.


Similar to Hydrozoanthus gracilis   and Hydrozoanthus   sp. 1 above, this azooxanthellate, colonial species is found as an epibiont on Plumularia habereri   . Similar to Hydrozoanthus   sp. 1, this completely white species has much smaller polyps than Hydrozoanthus gracilis   , forming colonies only on the main branch(es) of Plumularia habereri   colonies (Figure 12D). Polyps are much less incrusted than Hydrozoanthus gracilis   .

Regions recorded in this study

(Figure 13). Berau Islands (19).

Previous records. NA.


This undescribed species may be a different colored morphotype of Hydrozoanthus   sp. 1 (above) informally described by Di Camillo et al. (2010) as " Parazoanthus   sp.". Specimens and DNA sequences are needed to properly describe this species.