Isaurus Gray, 1828,

Low, Martyn E. Y., Sinniger, Frederic & Reimer, James Davis, 2016, The order Zoantharia Rafinesque, 1815 (Cnidaria, Anthozoa: Hexacorallia): supraspecific classification and nomenclature, ZooKeys 641, pp. 1-80: 7

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Isaurus Gray, 1828


Isaurus Gray, 1828 

Isaura  Lamouroux, in Audouin, Bourdon, de Candolle, d’Aubebard de Férussac, Deshayes, Deslongchamps, É. Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, I. Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, Guérin, Guillemin, de Jussieu, Kunth, Delafosse, Lamouroux, Latreille, Prévost, Richard and Bory de Saint-Vincent, 1826: 23 [nomen oblitum].

Isaurus  Gray, 1828: 8 [nomen protectum]

Isaura  Agassiz, 1845: 14 [unjustified emendation].

Antinedia  Duchassaing de Fonbressin & Michelotti, 1866: 136.

Pales  Gray, 1867: 8.

Panceria  Andres, 1877: 221-226.

Polythoa (Monothoa)  Andres, 1883a: 521.

Zoanthus (Monanthus)  Andres, 1883a: 538, 549, 541, 543.

Isaua  Volpi & Benvenuti, 2003: 72 [incorrect spelling].

Type species.

Isaurus tuberculatus  Gray, 1828, by monotypy.




Zooxanthellate, absence of mineral incrustations in the column/coenenchyme (excluding superficial surface attachments) brachycnemic zoantharians with recumbent (non-erect) polyps. Often have tubercules (raised bumps = endodermal invagination) on the outer surface of polyps, except in Isaurus maculatus  Muirhead & Ryland, 1985, which has a smooth polyp surface.


Specimens examined with an orthogonally-reticulate mesogleal sphincter muscle ( Swain et al. 2015).

Ryland and Lancaster (2003) recognised only three valid species in this genus, although 22 species have been described in or assigned to this genus.