Neotropicomiris nordicus Carvalho & Fontes, 1969

Barreto-Triana, Nancy, Ferreira, Paulo Sergio F., Osorio-Mejía, Pablo Andrés & Fiuza Ferreira, Luciano S., 2018, Plant bugs (Hemiptera: Miridae) associated with pastures in Colombia, Zootaxa 4441 (2), pp. 390-400: 396

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Neotropicomiris nordicus Carvalho & Fontes, 1969


Neotropicomiris nordicus Carvalho & Fontes, 1969 

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Diagnosis: Brownish to black species with pale embolium; hind femur without small black or red marks on the apex; eyes removed from collar by distance equal to or greater than the width of antennal segment I; length of antennal segment I sub-equal to length of pronotum; cuneus pale greenish on outer edge; labium surpassing apex of posterior coxae. Endosoma with membranous and spiny lobules, spicule of endosoma hooked shape ( Carvalho & Fontes, 1969).

Distribution: Ecuador, Venezuela ( Carvalho & Fontes, 1969), Colombia (new record).

Plant associations: Grasses

Specimens examined: Antioquia: 1 ♂ 3 ♀ Concepción [6?23'N; 75?15'W], ii.1997, F. Serna and J. Hurtado, host: grasses ( MEFLGAbout MEFLG). 3 ♂ San Jerónimo [6?26'N; 75?43'W], 26.iv.2000, G. Abril, host: grass ( MEFLGAbout MEFLG).


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