Pseudostenophylax imanishii (Iwata 1928)

Nozaki, Takao, 2013, The genus Pseudostenophylax Martynov (Trichoptera, Limnephilidae) in Japan, Zootaxa 3666 (4), pp. 559-578: 576-577

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Pseudostenophylax imanishii (Iwata 1928)

Comb. nov.

Pseudostenophylax imanishii (Iwata 1928)  , Comb. nov.

Drusus imanishii Iwata 1928  , 122–123, 127, 130, larva, case.

Specimens examined. Type series of Drusus imanishii  : 13 larvae, Sugoroku-dani, 1,880 m a.s l., Gifu, VIII. 1927, Imanishi (KUM).

Remarks. Iwata (1928) described this species as a member of the European genus Drusus Stephens. The  type series specimens of this species deposited in the collection of KUM are early instar larvae, and not in good condition, being dried up. However, general morphology, especially setation on the head, thorax and legs of these larvae is very similar to that of 2 nd or 3 rd instar larvae of Japanese Pseudostenophylax  examined in this study. Although I could not identify the specimens to the species level, this species must belong to the genus Pseudostenophylax  . No adult of the subfamily Drusinae  has been collected from East Asia. The type locality of this species is in the ranges of P. tochigiensis  and P. ondakensis  .