Pseudostenophylax befui , Nozaki, Takao, 2013

Nozaki, Takao, 2013, The genus Pseudostenophylax Martynov (Trichoptera, Limnephilidae) in Japan, Zootaxa 3666 (4), pp. 559-578: 575-576

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Pseudostenophylax befui

sp. nov.

Pseudostenophylax befui  sp. nov.

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Diagnosis. This species belongs to the P. adlimitans  Species Group (Schmid 1991) although the male has entirely membranous parameres. This species can be distinguished from a closely related species, P. tanidai  sp. nov., by the differences in the male genitalia given in the diagnosis for that species.

Adult. General appearance very similar to P. tanidai  . Forewings 14–16 mm long in male, 16–17 mm in female. Male genitalia. Tergum VIII with posterodorsal sclerotized area covered by many short spine-like setae.

Segment IX in lateral aspect short dorsally, straight posteriorly and swelling posterolaterally at midheight. Superior appendages long oval in lateral aspect. Segment X with pair of nostril-like concavities dorsally, inner surface with many long setae. Intermediate appendages beak-like in dorsal aspect, acute apices directed dorsomesad. Lateral sclerites of segment X largely fused with intermediate appendages. Inferior appendages each one-segmented, long triangular in lateral aspect, trapezoidal in ventral aspect. Phallicata and endophallic membranes thick; with short fork-like phallotremal sclerite dorsally; phallicata short, cylindrical, weakly sclerotized. Parameres large, entirely membranous.

Female genitalia. Very similar to those of P. tanidai  and indistinguishable from each other.

Immature stages. Unknown.

Holotype. Male (pinned), Minokoshi, Higashiiya-sugeoi, Miyoshi-shi, Tokushima, 33 º 52 ’N, 134 º 5 ’E, 1,350 m a.s.l., 20.vii. 2001, T. Befu (CBM- 146876).

Paratypes. Same data as holotype except collecting date 26.viii. 1995, 1 male (pinned) (NMNH); Nishikumarindo, Monobe-cho, Kami-shi, 28.vii. 2001, M. Takai, 1 male (in alcohol) (TN).

Specimens examined. Mie: Nishinotani, 1,200 m a.s.l., Osugi, Odai-cho, 2001, T. Mano, 1 male (TN); Odaigahara, Odai-cho, 3.viii. 2004, H. Ichihashi, 1 male (TN); Nara: Odaigahara, 14.vii. 1983, F. Kimura, 5 males, 2 females (TN); Tokushima: Same data as holotype except collecting date 26.viii. 1995, 1 female (NMNH); same data as the holotype, except collecting date 8.viii. 1998, 1 female (CBM- 146882); Kochi: Shiraga-goe, Monobecho, Kami-shi, 24.vii. 2004, M. Takai, 1 male (TN).

Etymology. This species is dedicated to Mr. Takamori Befu, who gifted me valuable specimens, including this species.

Distribution. Japan (Honshu, Shikoku).

Biology. Adult males and females were collected by light traps near headwaters in mountain areas.

Japanese name. Befu-miyama-tobikera.