Sicoderus detonnancouri Anderson, 2018

Anderson, Robert S., 2018, The genus Sicoderus Vanin 1986 (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Curculioninae: Erodiscini) in the West Indies, Zootaxa 4497 (3), pp. 301-345 : 316-317

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.4497.3.1

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Sicoderus detonnancouri Anderson

sp. nov.

Sicoderus detonnancouri Anderson , n. sp.

( Figures 27–28 View FIGURES 25–28 , 34 View FIGURES 33–36 . Map 2) E73908 View Materials AA-EE2D-41C9-B0A8-8C61E9D78B6A

Description: Length male, 3.3–3.9 mm. Integument black, shining. Eyes narrowly separated by a distance about width of 2–3 ommatidia. Rostrum 1.20–1.22x length elytra in male. Antennal insertion slightly beyond midlength in male; antennae with article 2 of funicle 1.33–1.46x as long as article 3. Prothorax constricted anteriorly, globose, widest at about middle; punctures dense, large and deep, subcontiguous, forming striolae on disc and laterally on flanks; no setae present. Elytra in dorsal view just before midlength, lateral margins convergent both anteriorly and posteriorly; humeri fully reduced, not at all angulate; few setae present. Strial punctures evident, moderately large, deep; striae not impressed. Membranous wings absent. Abdominal ventrite 1 of male slightly raised in middle near posterior margin with two small patches of setosity at tip. Ventrite 5 flattened medially in male. Legs with front femora with small tooth on ventral margin, middle and hind femora simple, lacking tooth; tarsal claws with small basal tooth. Aedeagus (fig. 34) subequal in width throughout length, internal sac with pair of short basal sclerites strongly convergent apically, each with oblique basal extension. Female not known.

Material examined: 2 males. Holotype male ( CMNC) labelled DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Province Maria Trinidad Sanchez, Cabrera, 29.vii.2011, Pierre de Tonnancour , suchage plantes grimpantes [drying vines]. Paratype. Data as holotype (1 male; CMNC) .

Derivation of species name: This species is named after Pierre de Tonnancour of Montreal who collected the two known specimens of this species.

Natural History: Two specimens were collected beating drying vines.

Comments: This species is the only species known from the Dominican Republic that fully lacks humeri and in which the pronotum is deeply striolate dorsally as well as laterally. The only other Sicoderus known with fully absent humeri and a dorsally striolate pronotum are S. caladeler ( Cuba) and S. vanini ( British Virgin Islands), both of which have simple front femora lacking a tooth. Sicoderus vanini is known only from females and S. detonnancouri is known only from males but it is unlikely the two are conspecific.













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