Corynophrya abyssalis Bartsch & Dovgal, 2010

Chаtterjee, Tаpаs, Dovgаl, Igor, Pešić, Vlаdimir & Zаwаl, Аndrzej, 2018, A checklist of epibiont suctorian and peritrich ciliates (Ciliophora) on halacarid and hydrachnid mites (Acari: Halacaridae & Hydrachnidia), Zootaxa 4457 (3), pp. 415-430: 418

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Corynophrya abyssalis Bartsch & Dovgal, 2010


Corynophrya abyssalis Bartsch & Dovgal, 2010 

Records on halacarid mites: Bartsch & Dovgal (2010) reported this species from the Mid-Аtlantic Ridge, station Аshadze, 4087 m depth on Copidognathus nautilei Bartsch, 1997  .

Remarks: Bartsch & Dovgal (2010) commented that suctorians mentioned by Bartsch (1994) from halacarid mites of a nearby hydrothermal vent area (Mid-Аtlantic Ridge, 3500 m) have similar conspicuous longitudinal ribs but differ from C. abyssalis  by the larger size.