Cornechiniscus lobatus ( Ramazzotti, 1943 )

Moreno, Antonio, Roszkowska, Milena, García, Mario Alberto, Flores, José Juan & Kaczmarek, Łukasz, 2019, Current knowledge on Mexican tardigrades with a description of Milnesium cassandrae sp. nov. (Eutardigrada: Milnesiidae) and discussion on the taxonomic value of dorsal pseudoplates in the genus Milnesium Doyère, 1840, Zootaxa 4691 (5), pp. 501-524 : 505

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Cornechiniscus lobatus ( Ramazzotti, 1943 )


Cornechiniscus lobatus ( Ramazzotti, 1943)

Terra typica: Italy (Europe).

Material examined: 24 specimens: 1 km S of Puerto Genovevo (25°43′02.98′′N, 100°04′18.71′′W, ca. 1103 m asl), Santiago, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Lichen on rock, coll. Antonio Moreno - Talamantes, 30 August 2014 GoogleMaps .

Comments: Our specimens correspond well with to the original description. This species has been reported in many localities in the northern hemisphere ( McInnes 1994). This species was reported from Sinaloa, Mexico ( Beasley 1972), and this is the second record for Mexico.