Callineridae Bergendal, 1901,

Kajihara, Hiroshi, 2006, Four palaeonemerteans (Nemertea: Anopla) from a tidal flat in middle Honshu, Japan, Zootaxa 1163, pp. 1-47: 17

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Callineridae Bergendal, 1901


Family Callineridae Bergendal, 1901 

Callinereae [sic] Bergendal, 1901: 112. [As a subfamily, correctly Callinerinae] Callineridae  : Chernyshev, 1995: 12; Chernyshev, 2002: 135.

Nomenclatural remarks

The original spelling Callinereae, which was used when Bergendal (1901) established the subfamily, is incorrect according to Article 29.2 (ICZN 1999) and should be corrected as Callinerinae after Article (ICZN 1999). Chernyshev (1995, 2002) raised it to the family rank, attributing the publication date of the family as 1900. However, Bergendal’s work was published in two parts ( Bergendal 1900a, 1901), and the subfamily was erected in the posterior half ( Bergendal 1901). Thus the family­group name should be regarded to be published in 1901.