Orthocentrus maculae

Humala, Andrei E., 2019, Mexican species of the genus Orthocentrus (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae: Orthocentrinae), Zootaxa 4709 (1), pp. 1-83: 21

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Orthocentrus maculae


Orthocentrus maculae  species-group

This species group was established by Veijalainen et al. (2014) for four Neotropical Orthocentrus  species: O. luteoclypeus Veijalainen, 2014  from Guatemala and Costa Rica, O. maculae Veijalainen, 2014  from Nicaragua and Costa Rica, O. rectus Veijalainen, 2014  from Guatemala, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, and O. saaksjarvii Veijalainen, 2014  from Peru. Another species O. bellavista Zwakhals, 2015  from Ecuador was included in this species group ( Zwakhals & Diller 2015). According to Veijalainen et al. (2014), the group characterised by the presence of notauli on the anterior of the mesoscutum and a complete posterior transverse carina of the propodeum. Twelve species from Mexico are included: O. brevicornis  , O. coronadoae  , O. latus  , O. lopezi  , O. luteoclypeus  , O. maculae  , O. rectus  , O. rufipleuris  , O. scutellatus  , O. similis  , O. tergalis  , O. varicolor  .