Cladolabidae Heding and Panning, 1954

P. Mark O’Loughlin, Melanie Mackenzie & Didier Vandenspiegel, 2014, New dendrochirotid sea cucumbers from northern Australia (Echinodermata: Holothuroidea: Dendrochirotida), Memoirs of Museum Victoria 72, pp. 5-23: 6

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Cladolabidae Heding and Panning, 1954


Family Cladolabidae Heding and Panning, 1954  (sensu Smirnov 2012)

Remarks. Heding and Panning (1954) initially described the Cladolabinae  as a sub-family within the Phyllophoridae Östergren, 1907  . Pawson and Fell (1965) transferred the Cladolabinae  to be a sub-family within the Sclerodactylidae Panning, 1949  . Smirnov (2012) raised Cladolabinae  to family status as Cladolabidae  , based on the very short segmented or unsegmented posterior prolongations on the radial plates of the calcareous ring. The variety of ossicle form in the species of Cladolabidae  suggested to Smirnov (2012) that the family might be polyphyletic.