Esenbekova, Perizat Abdykairovna, Nurushev, Murat Zhusupbekovich & Homziak, Jurij, 2015, Aquatic Hemiptera (Heteroptera) of Kazakhstan, with notes on life history, ecology and distribution, Zootaxa 4013 (2), pp. 195-206: 199

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Family Naucoridae 

Ilyocoris cimicoides (Linnaeus) 

In permanent, standing and slow moving water bodies with well-developed vegetation; zoophage (prefer prey lacking or with weak exoskeletons: dragonfly larvae, leeches, amphipods, and the larvae of Aedes  and Culex  mosquitoes); univoltine; imago overwinters on land, burrowing into the upper soil layer, also noted in other studies ( Kerzhner and Yachevsky 1964, Vinokurov and Kanyukova 1995, Kanyukova 2006). Trans-Eurasian.