Vestalenula cornelia Smith et al., 2006

Ma, Shunxin & Yu, Na, 2018, Freshwater ostracods (Crustacea) from Tiantong National Forest Park and Dongqian Lake, eastern China, with descriptions of two new species, Journal of Natural History 52 (27 - 28), pp. 1825-1868 : 1863

publication ID 10.1080/00222933.2018.1489085

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Vestalenula cornelia Smith et al., 2006


Vestalenula cornelia Smith et al., 2006

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Vestalenula cornelia sp. nov. Smith et al., 2006: 1570; figs. 1–3.

Material examined

Three females (ECNU20150419/TT77-79) dissected.


(Female, n = 3) Length, 0.47–0.54 mm; height, 0.24–0.26 mm; width, 0.23 mm.

Brief description

In dorsal view, LV overlapping RV both anteriorly and posteriorly. Postero-ventral keel on RV equalling 19% of total length of carapace. In lateral view, posterior end wider than the anterior. A1 with one ventral-distal seta. Claw Gm on A2 long, slightly shorter than claw GM. P-abd without seta.


This species was firstly reported from Japan (Smith et al. 2006). It is a new record for China.


Only females were found in our samples, but males of V. cornelia have been reported from Japan (Smith et al. 2006). Our specimens are slightly longer than Japanese specimens. The keel on the RV of our specimens is located in a slightly more posterior position, and is not as smooth as the Japanese specimen.