Neohydatothrips notialis , Lima, Élison Fabrício B. & Mound, Laurence A., 2016

Lima, Élison Fabrício B. & Mound, Laurence A., 2016, Species-richness in Neotropical Sericothripinae (Thysanoptera: Thripidae), Zootaxa 4162 (1), pp. 1-45: 33-34

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Neohydatothrips notialis

sp. n.

Neohydatothrips notialis  sp. n.

( Figs 34View FIGURES 32 – 40, 72View FIGURES 67 – 79)

Female macroptera. Colour: body bicoloured, brown on head, mesonotum, metanotum, tergites II –IV and VII –IX, also antecostal ridges on II –VIII, tergite X light brown; legs yellow, anterior third of pronotum, also tergites V –VI pale. Antennal segments I –II yellow, III yellow with apex brown, IV yellow with apical third brown, V basal half yellow but apical half brown, VI –VIII brown. Pronotal blotch light brown. Fore wing bicoloured with basal, median and subapical brown bands in contrast with three pale areas of which the apical area is very small ( Fig. 72View FIGURES 67 – 79). Structure: occipital apodeme confluent with posterior margin of compound eyes, ocellar setae pair III on external margins of ocellar triangle, ocellar triangle with transverse striae with markings in between the striae; pronotum striate with internal markings ( Fig. 34View FIGURES 32 – 40), blotch distinctive; mesonotum striate, median setal pair anterior to the lateral; metanotum anterior half transversely striate, posterior half longitudinally striate, two pairs of setae on anterior margin; metasternal plate with distinct anterior emargination; fore wing second vein with one seta. Tergites II –VI with comb of microtrichia incomplete medially, VII with irregularly spaced small teeth medially with minute fringe of microtrichia between these, VIII with comb complete; tergite IX with 2 pairs of mid-dorsal setae. Sternites III –VI with microtrichia medially, VII with none medially.

Measurements (holotype female in microns): Body length 995, Head length 58, width 140; ocellar setae III length 21. Pronotum length 113, width 165; pa setae 55. Fore wing length 670. Antennal segments I –VIII length 23, 33, 53, 50, 45, 38, 8, 10.

Material studied. Holotype female, BRAZIL, São Paulo State, Mogi-Guaçu , from dead twigs, 31.ix.2011 (A. Cavalleri) ( UFRGSAbout UFRGS). 

Paratypes. BRAZIL, Rio Grande do Sul State, Porto Alegre , 1 female on Eryngium  sp. flowers  , 16.xi.2010 (F.S. Melo), 1 female with same collection data (A. Cavalleri), 1 female from Trema micrantha  , 27.i.2011 (A. Cavalleri) (UFRGS).

Comments. This species has transverse markings between the striae on the anterior third of the pronotum and interocellar area, as in N. ruginosus  and N. portoricensis  . It is closely related to N. ruginosus  , but tergite V is totally pale.


Universidade Federale do Rio Grande do Sul