Neohydatothrips ruginosus (Hood)

Lima, Élison Fabrício B. & Mound, Laurence A., 2016, Species-richness in Neotropical Sericothripinae (Thysanoptera: Thripidae), Zootaxa 4162 (1), pp. 1-45: 38

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Neohydatothrips ruginosus (Hood)


Neohydatothrips ruginosus (Hood) 

( Figs 104, 105View FIGURES 104 – 110)

Sericothrips ruginosus Hood, 1954: 202  .

Female macroptera. Colour: body bicoloured ( Fig. 104View FIGURES 104 – 110), head light brown medially but paler at anterior and posterior, pronotum, mesonotum and metanotum brown, tergites II –V brown at least laterally, VI yellow, VII –IX dark brown, X yellow; fore wing with 2 pale bands, apex dark, clavus dark with pale setae; antennal segments I –III pale, apex of IV –V light brown; hind tibiae yellow, femora shaded with light brown.

Structure: Occipital apodeme confluent with posterior margin of eyes, ocellar area striate with markings between the striae; antennal segments III & IV with apex not forming an elongate neck; pronotum transversely striate with many markings between the striae; mesonotum and metanotum striate with markings between the striae; metasternal plate with shallow emargination; fore wing second vein with one seta distally; tergites VII –VIII with complete comb of microtrichia on posterior margin but this is shorter on VII, also VI sometimes with very short comb medially, no comb on remaining tergites; tergite IX with 2 pairs of mid-dorsal setae; sternites without microtrichia medially, or with one row.

Male macroptera. Similar to female, but smaller, with tergite VII pale ( Fig. 105View FIGURES 104 – 110); sternite VII with one small circular pore plate scarcely 5 microns in diameter.

Material Studied. Holotype female, BRAZIL, Rio de Janeiro, Itaguai , ( USNMAbout USNM)  ; Santa Catarina State, Nova Teutônia [Seara], 30 females and 4 males, between 1948 and 1957. (F. Plaumann) ( USNMAbout USNM)  ; Rio Grande do Sul State, Porto Alegre , 1 male from Passiflora elegans  , 17.i.2011 (A. Cavalleri) ( UFRGSAbout UFRGS)  .

Comments. Described from eight females collected in Rio de Janeiro State, further specimens been studied from Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul States, including the previously unknown male. The pronotal sculpture is more delicate than that of the more widespread N. portoricensis  , and the metanotal sculpture more complex, but these two species are otherwise similar to each other. The specimens from Santa Catarina State are paler than the type series, with abdominal segment VI almost clear yellow and segment V yellow with light brown shading medially. However, the sculpture of the head and metanotum is essentially similar in all available specimens.


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Neohydatothrips ruginosus (Hood)

Lima, Élison Fabrício B. & Mound, Laurence A. 2016

Sericothrips ruginosus

Hood 1954: 202