Conocephalus (Conocephalus) bambusanus Ingrish, 1990

Nagar, Rajendra & Swaminathan, R., 2016, Notes on the genus Conocephalus (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae; Conocephalinae; Conocephalini) from India and description of two new species, Zootaxa 4126 (1), pp. 1-43: 33-37

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Conocephalus (Conocephalus) bambusanus Ingrish, 1990


Conocephalus (Conocephalus) bambusanus Ingrish, 1990 

( Figs. 7View FIGURE 7, 15, 23, 31, 39, 46, 53, 60, 67, 74 & 82; Plate XIV & XV) Orthoptera 17072

Conocephalus bispinatus Pitkin, 1980: 351 (Partum)  ; Conocephalus bambusanus Ingrisch, 1990: 113  ; Conocephalus abisnatus Xia et Liu, 1992: 162  .

Material examined. (82 Specimens, 37 ♂ & 45 ♀). Paratypes: Karnataka; Bangalore; Ponnampet; Balchonnur: 2010, Coll. S. Murthy, Bangalore ( GKVK); 02.viii. 2010, Coll. S. Murthy, Balchonnur, (1); 2010, Coll. H.M. Yeshwanth, (Ponnampet) (20); 2010, Coll. H.M. Yeshwanth (Ponnampet); 02.viii. 2010, Coll H.M. Yeshwanth, (Balchonnur); 2007, Coll. K.J. David, Bangalore ( GKVK); 2010, Coll. A.N. Reddy (Ponnampet) (25); 2010, Coll. S. Murthy (Ponnampet) (29).

Description. Male—Body comparatively large, fastigium verticis less than half of the scape. Antennae very long, annulated, flagellum with relatively thick, short, regularly scattered setae; eyes globular, protruding outwards. Pronotum comparatively short, disc flat, anterior margin slightly concave, posterior margin rounded, posterior transversal sulcus distinct. Lateral lobe deeper than long, triangular, rounded. Prosternum unarmed, mesosternum rounded and metasternum triangular but rounded. Procoxae with a large spine. Tenth abdominal tergite slightly elongated, middle of posterior margin sulcus with fissate lateral lobes, triangular curved downward; cerci broad at base with two internal downwardly bent spines in the middle, first is small, second larger, posterior margin suddenly thick (compressed), apex rounded. Sub-genital plate broad, slightly larger at base, posterior margin PLATE XIV. C. bambusanus  male 1–8: 1. Male lateral view; 2. Female lateral view; 3. Fastigium verticis; 4. Dorsal view of head with pronotum; 5. Lateral view of pronotum; 6. Mirror on right tegmina; 7. Dorsal view of stridulatory file; 8. Ventral view of stridulatory file on left tegmina.

PLATE XV. C. bambusanus  male 9–14: 9. Ventral view of subgenital plate; 10. Dorsal view of cerci; 11. Lateral view of genitalia; 12. Dorsal view of tenth abdominal tergite; female 13–16: 13. Dorsal view of tenth abdominal tergite with cerci; 14. Ventral view of subgenital plate. 15. Lateral view of ovipositor; 16. Lateral view of cerci.

narrower, with median carina; centre of posterior margin with a triangular notch, styli small, cylindrical with apex rounded. Stridulatory file on underside of left tegmina with about 25 large and 11 very small teeth (36), which are spaced in basal part, gradually becoming smaller and denser towards the apex. Hind wing ca 6mm larger than tegmina. Pro- and meso- knees with one small spine on internal and external area; meta-knee with two spines external and internal. Hind femur with 4–6 ventro-external and 2–3 internal spines and with 5 apical spurs (dorsointernal missing); hind tibiae with 22–24 dorso-internal, 25–27 external spines; 2–4 ventro-internal and 4–6 external spines.

Female: Similar to male, but larger; tenth abdominal tergite concave in middle, epiproct triangular, rounded with apex obtuse. Cerci conical at base, suddenly narrowing apically, apex obtuse, pointed and hairy. Subgenital plate triangular, apical lobe triangular and rounded. Ovipositor long, smooth, straight with upper valve apex rounded, slightly larger than lower valve, apex acute.

Distribution. India: Karnataka.














Conocephalus (Conocephalus) bambusanus Ingrish, 1990

Nagar, Rajendra & Swaminathan, R. 2016

Conocephalus bispinatus Pitkin, 1980 : 351 (Partum)

Xia 1992: 162
Pitkin 1980: 351