Conocephalus (Anisoptera) melaenus (De Haan, 1842)

Nagar, Rajendra & Swaminathan, R., 2016, Notes on the genus Conocephalus (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae; Conocephalinae; Conocephalini) from India and description of two new species, Zootaxa 4126 (1), pp. 1-43 : 29-31

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Conocephalus (Anisoptera) melaenus (De Haan, 1842)


Conocephalus (Anisoptera) melaenus (De Haan, 1842)

( Figs. 6 View FIGURE 6 , 14, 22, 30, 38, 45, 52, 59, 66, 73 & 81 Plate XII & XIII) Orthoptera 17217 Locusta (Xiphidium) melaena De Haan, 1842: 189 ; Xiphidium melaenum Walker, 1869: 275 ; Xiphidium nigro-geniculatum Redtenbacher, 1891: 511 ; Anisoptera melaenum Kirby, 1906: 278 ; Anisoptera nigro-geniculatum Kirby, 1906: 278 ; Xiphidion melan Karny, 1907: 91 ; Xiphidium melanum Matsumura ZXC Shiraki, 1908: 57; Conocephalus (Xiphidion) melas Karny, 1912: 11 ; Conocephalus melanum Kato, 1932 : Pl. 39, fig, 3.; Conocephalus melas Bey-Bienko, 1957: 413 ; Conocephalus melaenus Ingrisch, 1987: 121 .

Material examined. (35 Specimens, 23 ♂ & 12 ♀) Paratypes: 09.iv. 2012, Coll. Ramaraju, Chettalli (Kodagu); 2013, Coll. Rajendra Nagar (Bhoirymbong); 2013, Coll. R. Swaminathan (Bhoirymbong); 2013, Coll. Rajendra Nagar ( RRTC, Ri-bhoi); 20.x. 2015, Coll. Rajendra Nagar, Ponmudi (Thiruvanthapuram) (2); 20.x. 2015, Coll. T. Swaminathan, Ponmudi (Thiruvanthapuram) (1); 23.x. 2015, Coll. R. Swaminathan, Elappara, Vagamon Heights (Idukki) (2); 23.x. 2015, Coll. T. Swaminathan, Elappara,Vagamon Heights (Idukki) (6); 23.x. 2015, Coll. Rajendra Nagar, Elappara,Vagamon Heights (Idukki) (9); 24.x. 2015, Coll. R. Swaminathan, CRS Pampadum (Idukki) (2); 24.x. 2015, Coll. Rajendra Nagar, CRS Pampadum (Idukki) (1); Arunachal Pradesh; Tamil Nadu; 10.ix. 2014, Coll. C. A. Viraktamath (Roing; Kebali); 27.viii. 2009, Coll. H. M. Yeshwanth (Thandigudi), Tamil Nadu.

Description. Male — Fastigium of vertex narrower than scape (vertex half width of scape), apex obtuse, dorsal surface obtuse and slightly straight. Antennae light brown annulated with black rings. Anterior margin of pronotum slightly concave, posterior margin convex and rounded, metazona slightly raised upwards, dorsal side of pronotum small smooth in pro-mesozona with small creamy strip, and opaque in the middle of metazona; pronotal disc with a longitudinal creamy wide line in lateral view, lateral lobes of pronotum triangular, rounded, with a tumid oval semitransparent area along posterior margin on both sides. Prosternum bispinose, small. Micropterous, tegmina small, base broader, posterior margin rounded and wing transparent with small black markings along the coastal region; tegmina shorter than wing. Stridulatory file on underside of left tegmina with about 65 large and 20 very small teeth, which are large and spaced in basal half, gradually becoming narrower and denser towards the apex. Knee lobes of all femora rounded; fore and mid femora with two spines, one each on the external and internal side; hind knee lobe with black spots and with two internal and external spines. Coxal spines present. Mesotibiae 7–8 with ventro-external, 9–10 ventro-internal spines and the tibiae with one pair of apical spurs. Hind femora with 3– 6 externo-ventral, without interno-ventral spines. Hind tibiae with 27–30 dorso-internal, 22–26 external spines; 4– 7 ventro-internal, 5–8 external spines with three pairs of apical spurs. Tength tergite much wider than long and anterior margin strongly depressed downwards; posterior margin with a moderately deep and roughly ovule median incision. Cerci conical, with a small tubercle when viewed dorsally, base broad with the apex curved spine-like. Subgenital plate, longer than broad with apex extended, slightly excised in middle, almost truncate; styli small.

Female. Tenth abdominal tergite with median notch, epiproct small, triangular; cerci conical at base, narrowing apically, apex pointed and hairy. Subgenital plate slightly broader at base, posteriorly narrowing slightly rounded; apex obtuse, apical lobe rounded. Ovipositor moderately short, curved upward, dorsal and ventral margins smooth, dorsal valve longer than ventral, apices obtuse and rounded.

Distribution. India: Karnataka; Kerala; Meghalaya.

PLATE XII. C. malaenus male 1–8. 1. Dorsal view of head; 2. Dorsal view of pronotum; 3. Lateral view of pronotum; 4. Fastigium verticis; 5. Dorsal view of stridulatory file; 6. Mirror on right tegmina; 7. Ventral view of stridulatory file on left tegmina; 8. Tegmina.

PLATE XIII. C. malaenus male 9-13: 9. Sternal lobes; 10. Ventral view of subgenital plate 11. Ventral view of cersi; 12. Dorsal view of tenth abdominal tergite with cerci; 13. Lateral view of genitalia; Female 14-16: 14. Tength abdominal tergite with cerci; 15. Lateral view of ovipositor; 16. Ventral view of subgenital plate.