Spelaeobochica Mahnert, 2001

Viana, Ana Clara M. & Ferreira, Rodrigo L., 2020, Spelaeobochica mahnerti, a new cave-dwelling pseudoscorpion from Brazil (Arachnida: Pseudoscorpiones: Bochicidae), with comments on the troglomorphism of the Brazilian bochicid species, Zootaxa 4731 (1), pp. 134-144: 135

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Spelaeobochica Mahnert, 2001


Genus Spelaeobochica Mahnert, 2001 

Type-species. Spelaeobochica allodentatus Mahnert, 2001  .

Amended diagnosis (modified from Mahnert, 2001). No eyes present (rarely, two tiny, lateroventral tubercles present on each side). Chelicera with 9–16 setae on palm, rallum comprising 3–6 dentate setae. Palps slender, chela 4.1–8.7 times longer than broad; femur with an antiaxial tubercle on lateral side near distal end; trichobothrium ib in distal half of dorsum of palpal hand; fingers longer than hand with pedicel; usually bearing accessory teeth on paraxial and antiaxial sides of both palpal fingers (more rarely, only on paraxial or antiaxial side); venom apparatus present in both fingers. Legs slender, femur+patella of leg IV 3.8–9.5 times longer than broad; arolia shorter (more rarely, a little longer) than claws; subterminal seta weakly forked apically (more rarely, smooth).