Plathanocera uniformis Schenkling, 1902

Gerstmeier, Roland & Stapel, Jessica, 2016, A review of the Tillicera genus group with a revision of Plathanocera Schenkling (Coleoptera, Cleridae, Clerinae), Zootaxa 4193 (3), pp. 517-540: 536-539

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Plathanocera uniformis Schenkling, 1902


Plathanocera uniformis Schenkling, 1902  

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Schenkling 1902: 329.

Plathanocera uniformis Schenkling, 1902   , Lectotype (designated here): Museum Paris, Cote D'Ivoire, Baoulé, H. Pobéguin, 1897 (♀, MNHN).  

Comment on the type specimens: As Schenkling (1902: 329) made no reference to type specimens in his descriptions of Plathanocera uniformis   , it cannot be assumed that the nominal species-group name, Plathanocera uniformis   , was based on a single specimen. The 'type' specimen located in the Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle in Paris ( MNHN) must therefore considered a syntype ( ICZN 1999: Article 73.2) and available for lectotype designation ( ICZN 1999: Article 74.1).

Length: 12 mm (1 specimen).

Head: Reddish brown, with fine, diffuse punctation; sparsely covered with short, yellow hairs. Antennal base red brown, from A6 onwards black brown (base of A6 also brown); A11 compact, outer margin broadly rounded, inner margin pointed at tip, tip broadly red-yellow. Gular process very long, narrow.

Thorax: Pronotum reddish, with fine and diffuse punctation; only in the middle, anterior to the transverse impression, finely wrinkled; behind anterior transverse impression in the middle with very diffuse, fine punctation; length to width index 0.91:1; vested with short, yellow hairs.

Elytra: Red brown; diameter of punctures at least one third of interstices, only slightly decreasing towards apex, interstices very finely wrinkled, length to width index 1.71:1; densely vested with short, yellow, posteriorly directed hairs; lateral margin vested with isolated, longer setae.

Legs: Red brown, densely vested with short, pale, depressed hairs and long erect setae; tibial carinae stout, black.

Abdomen: Reddish brown, sparsely vested with yellow hairs. Distribution: Ivory Coast.


Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle