Hentzia fimbriata (F.O. Pickard-Cambridge 1901),

David B. Richman, 2010, A new species and new records of Hentzia (Araneae: Salticidae: Dendryphantinae) from the United States, The Journal of Arachnology 38, pp. 73-78: 76

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Hentzia fimbriata (F.O. Pickard-Cambridge 1901)


Hentzia fimbriata (F.O. Pickard-Cambridge 1901) 

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This species was adequately described by Richman (1989, pp. 306–307, figs. 37–43), but a few specimens have been collected in the United States, far north of the previously northernmost known record in Nayarit, Mexico. Based on the specimens examined it is possible that H. pima Richman 1989  is a junior synonym of H. fimbriata  , as the photograph of the epigynum ( Fig. 17) of a female collected from east of Sycamore Canyon resembles fig. 65 in Richman (1989), except for the openings, which in the Sycamore Canyon female are typical for H. fimbriata  . The dorsal pattern of the abdomen of H. pima  (Richman 1989, fig. 64) is very similar to that of the female from near Sycamore Canyon. The males collected in Sycamore Canyon and Florida Canyon closely match those of H. fimbriata  . I suspect that H. pima  is based on an slightly aberrant female, especially because of the relatively close geographical proximity of the type specimen from the Baboquivari Mountains. However, more material is needed either to verify H. pima  as a separate species or to synonymize it with H. fimbriata  .

New Records. — USA: Arizona: 1 female, Santa Cruz County, Coronado National Forest, 3–6 km east of Sycamore Canyon in Pajarito Mountains (ca 31°20ʹ0 8ʺN, 111°0 8ʹ46ʺW, ca 1372 m), 29 July 1999, D.B. Richman (beating oak) ( NMSU AM 832)GoogleMaps  ; 1 male, Sycamore Canyon, Hank and Yank Springs (ca 31°25ʹ39ʺN, 111°11ʹ33ʺW), 18 August 1992, W. Maddison, G.B.Edwards & M. McMahon ( 92-045)GoogleMaps  ; 1 male, Pima Co.: Santa Rita Mountains, Florida Canyon, Florida Station (ca 31° 46ʹ28ʺ N, 110 °52ʹ0 4ʺW), 13 April 1991, W. Maddison ( 91-014)GoogleMaps  ; 1 female, Pima Co., Santa Rita Mountains, Florida Canyon, Florida Station (ca 31° 46ʹ28ʺN, 110 °52ʹ0 4ʺW), 3 March 1994, female (presumably H. fimbriata  , not identified) collected by W. Maddison ( 94-008) (last three records all in W. Maddison collection, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)GoogleMaps  .


USA, New Mexico, Las Cruces, New Mexico State University