Aphelocheirus pemae Millán, L’Mohdi & Carbonell, 2016

Taybi, Abdelkhaleq Fouzi, Mabrouki, Youness, Chavanon, Guy, Berrahou, Ali & Millán, Andrés, 2018, New data on the distribution of aquatic bugs (Hemiptera) from eastern Morocco with notes on chorology, Zootaxa 4459 (1), pp. 139-163: 147

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Aphelocheirus pemae Millán, L’Mohdi & Carbonell, 2016


Aphelocheirus pemae Millán, L’Mohdi & Carbonell, 2016  *

Material examined. Sebra, 0 1.0 3.17, 1 m, 2 ff; Safsaf, 18.0 3.14, 6 jj; Pont Hassan II, 18.0 3.14, 6 jj, and 18.0 5.14, 1 m, 1 f.

Distribution. Moroccan endemism. The description of the species is based on the holotype of our samples (Millán et al. 2016). We found the largest population of this species at Low Moulouya (Taybi 2016), which is distributed from the “Safsaf” territory to the “Cap de l'Eau“bridge (see Fig. 6 View Figure ). Its presence in Oued Sebou must be confirmed by new collections. A. pemae  is among the rarest and most vulnerable species in Morocco (L’Mohdi 2016, Millán et al. 2016).