Paramunida Baba, 1988

Cabezas, P. E., 2010, Taxonomic revision of the genus Paramunida Baba, 1988 (Crustacea: Decapoda: Galatheidae): a morphological and molecular approach, Zootaxa 2712, pp. 1-60 : 5

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Paramunida Baba, 1988


Genus Paramunida Baba, 1988 View in CoL

Paramunida Baba, 1988: 175 View in CoL . — Poore 2004: 239. — Baba 2005: 197. — Baba et al. 2008: 171. — Baba et al. 2009: 277.

Type species. Paramunida setigera Baba, 1988 View in CoL , by original designation. Gender: feminine.

Diagnosis. (from Baba et al. 2009) Carapace covered with spinules or granules, transverse striae indistinct. Rostrum short, basally subtriangular, distally ending in spine. Supraocular spines short and stout, usually remote from rostrum. Abdominal somites with 2 main transverse ridges, each with spines in regular arrangement. Antennular segment 1 with distomesial and distolateral spines, both small; lateral spines obsolescent. Antennal peduncle with strong anterior prolongation on segment 1, flagellum of no great length. P1–4 squamous; P2–4 propodi successively longer posteriorly; dactyli slender, curved and somewhat twisted, with flexor margin entire. Gonopod 1 absent in males.

Remarks. Prior to the present study, the genus comprised 26 species distributed across the Indo-West Pacific ( Baba et al. 2008; Cabezas et al. 2009; Macpherson & Baba 2009). Most species are distributed in the western part, two of which also occur in the Indian Ocean ( P. scabra , P. tricarinata ) and with 3 species occurring in the central Pacific ( P. hawaiiensis , P. pictura , P. spatula ). In general, they exhibit a distribution positively restricted to single islands or archipelagos, with few species widely distributed (see Baba et al.

2008). Bathymetrically, the genus is typically recorded in transitional depths (200–500 m), with few of them distributed in the continental shelf or in the upper bathyal depths ( Baba 2005). The present paper adds 11 new species to the genus, for a total of 37, which are presented here in alphabetical order.












Paramunida Baba, 1988

Cabezas, P. E. 2010


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