Przybyłowicz, Łukasz & Bąkowski, Marek, 2011, Anapisa monotonia Kiriakoff, 1963 – a junior synonym of Anapisa holobrunnea (Talbot, 1932), with new records of Arctiinae (Lepidoptera: Erebidae) from Ghana, Zootaxa 3031, pp. 54-60: 59

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.206669

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Metarctia  sp.

( Figs. 2View FIGURE 2 E, 3 I)

Material examined. Ƥ Ajenjua Bepo Forest Reserve; 24–30.VIII. 2006 ( ISEA).

Remarks. A reliable determination of this single female is impossible. It belongs to an assemblage of several moderate sized, ochraceous species ( Fig. 2View FIGURE 2 E). The females of many species in this group remain unknown. In most cases the ascription of females to the known males is dubious and requires further researches based on extensive material. The date and collecting place of this specimen may suggest its affiliation to M. paremphares  . Close comparison of morphological details of the female genitalia of the collected specimen ( Fig. 3View FIGURE 3 I) (gs - S 139, ISEA) with the female syntype of M. paremphares  presented in Przybyłowicz (2009: 154, Plate 111) reveals some small differences: much more distinct signum, more sclerotized basal part of ductus bursae and slightly wider, larger ostium bursae. Due to the lack of comparative material it is impossible to judge at present if these differences indicate the intraspecific variability of M. paremphares  or rather represent the typical pattern of one of a few similar species.