Pseudothyretes cf. kamitugensis (Dufrane, 1945)

Przybyłowicz, Łukasz & Bąkowski, Marek, 2011, Anapisa monotonia Kiriakoff, 1963 – a junior synonym of Anapisa holobrunnea (Talbot, 1932), with new records of Arctiinae (Lepidoptera: Erebidae) from Ghana, Zootaxa 3031, pp. 54-60: 57-58

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Pseudothyretes cf. kamitugensis (Dufrane, 1945)


Pseudothyretes cf. kamitugensis (Dufrane, 1945) 

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Apisa kamitugensis Dufrane, 1945  . Bull. et Ann. de la Soc. Entomol. de Belgique 81: 128–129.

Material examined. 2 3 Ajenjua Bepo Forest Reserve; 24–30.VIII. 2006 (AMU, ISEA); 5 3 Mamang River Forest Reserve; 31.VIII. – 04.IX. 2006 (AMU, ISEA).

Distribution. New for Ghana. The species, although not rare, was known until now only from the central and eastern part of equatorial Africa. The new data significantly enlarges its range towards the west. It suggests that the species inhabits a much wider area, possibly sympatric with P. perpusilla  .

Remarks. Uncus which is devoid of long lobes separates P. ka m i t u g e n s i s from the remaining representatives of the genus. The specimens from Ghana ( Fig. 2View FIGURE 2 A) slightly differ from the East African ones in general colouration. They are darker and lack the paler tinge on the upper part of the forewing. The taxonomic status of the West African population will be resolved during a revisionary study of Pseudothyretes  which is currently under preparation.