Gasteruptiidae Ashmead, 1900,

Ghahari, Hassan & Madl, Michael, 2017, An annotated catalogue of Iranian Aulacidae, Evaniidae and Gasteruptiidae (Hymenoptera: Evanioidea), Zootaxa 4338 (2), pp. 341-353: 345

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Gasteruptiidae Ashmead, 1900


Family Gasteruptiidae Ashmead, 1900 

The family Gasteruptiidae  comprises two subfamilies, Gasteruptiinae (four genera) and Hyptiogastrinae (two genera – see Jennings and Austin 2002), of which only the former occurs in the Palaearctic region ( Crosskey 1962). The genera of Gasteruptiinae have been reviewed and keyed by Macedo (2009). Of the four recognized genera only Gasteruption Latreille, 1777  is known from the Palaearctic region. No modern treatment of the Palaearctic species exists, but van Achterberg and Talebi (2014) have reviewed and keyed the species of Iran and Turkey. In Gasteruptiidae  the hind tibiae are swollen and the fore wings can be folded longitudinally. They are parasitoids of solitary bees ( Apidae  , Colletidae  , Megachilidae  ) and wasps ( Masaridae  , Vespidae  ( Eumeninae  ). For biology we referred to Malyshev (1964), 1965) and Jennings and Austin (2004).