Folsomia vtorovi Martynova, 1971

Potapov, Mikhail & Gulgenova, Ayuna, 2013, Isotomidae (Collembola) of Buryat Republic. II. A revision of the genus Folsomia, Zootaxa 3682 (2), pp. 305-330: 319

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Folsomia vtorovi Martynova, 1971


Folsomia vtorovi Martynova, 1971 

Discussion. A species of F. taimyrica  complex (' quadrioculata  ' group) which is defined by the combination of reduced ms formula (10 / 100) and the absence of ocelli and median macrochaetae on Th.III. Specimens from Buryatia have longer macrochaetae than in typical populations of F. v t o ro v i (Central Asia).

Distribution and ecology. A rare species occurring in damp forests ( Fig. 1View FIGURE 1: loc. 1, 4). In Siberia the species is probably widely distributed, but contrasting ecological and morphological data indicate that several species are covered by the name F. v t oro v i.