Salpingogaster nigra Schiner, 1868

Pérez-Bañón, Celeste, Arcaya, Evelin, Mengual, Ximo & Rojo, Santos, 2013, Preimaginal morphology of the genera Salpingogaster Schiner, 1868 and Eosalpingogaster Hull, 1949 (Diptera: Syrphidae), with its systematic implications, Zootaxa 3599 (4), pp. 361-370: 365-367

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Salpingogaster nigra Schiner, 1868


Salpingogaster nigra Schiner, 1868 

Overall appearance. Length 9–10 mm, maximum width 3.0 mm and height 3.5–4 mm. Pear-shaped, oval in crosssection. Anterior extremely truncated, tapered posteriorly and flattened ventrally (see Fig. 1 A, B). Integumental vestiture and segmental sensilla absent (Fig. 2 B). Colour of empty puparium light brown, with three dorsomedial darker spots and a ventrolateral longitudinal dark stripe.

Posterior breathing tube (prp): Short, broader than long. Dark brown in colour, lustrous. Spiracular plate little higher than wide, not differentiated in colour from the rest of prp. Spiracular plate divided by a very shallow median groove. Ecdysial scars displaced towards the median groove and anteriorly. Diameter of ecdysial scars is half the length of spiracular opening I. Dorsal spur absent (compare with Fig. 3View FIGURE 3 B –D). Spiracular opening I displaced towards the centre of the spiracular plate. Spiracular opening I and II mounted on well-developed carinae, straight, parallel and inserted almost at the same level. Carinae of spiracular opening II about three times longer than broad, extending down the sides of prp. Spiracular opening III sinuous with a horseshoe shape ( Fig.View FIGURE 3

3 B). Interspiracular ornamentation reduced, interspiracular setae very short, hardly visible by light microscope, mounted inside of small circular nodules. Interspiracular setae between openings I and II close, with their nodules clearly connected.

Material examined: VENEZUELA: 1 Ƥ puparium, Yaracuy, Vía Yaritagua, Hacienda Santa Cruz, 300 m., 10.x. 2000, “sobre Aeneolamia varia  ” leg. R. Paz ( MJMO); 1 Ƥ adult, Yaracuy, Yaritagua, 300 m., 30.vii. 2002. yellow sticky trap ( MJMO); 1 puparium without imago, Yaracuy, Yaritagua, 300 m., 30.vii. 2002, leg. B. Escalona ( MJMO); COSTA RICA: 1 3 puparium+adult, Puntarenas Prov., Monteverde, ext. pasture, 16.vii. 1994, D.C. Peck ( MZCR); 1 Ƥ puparium+adult, Puntarenas Prov., Monteverde, ext. pasture, 16-23.vii. 1994, D.C. Peck ( MZCR).


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