Anastrepha sororcula Zucchi

Canal, Nelson A., 2010, New species and records of Anastrepha Schiner (Diptera: Tephritidae) from Colombia, Zootaxa 2425, pp. 32-44: 40

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Anastrepha sororcula Zucchi


Anastrepha sororcula Zucchi 

(Figs 1.F, 3.K)

Specimen Data: COLOMBIA. Ƥ, Tolima. Cajamarca, Anaime, VII- 1998, M. Suarez, McPhail Trap [MEN- UT]. 2 Ƥ, Tolima. Cajamarca, Pan de Azucar, 1750 m, 17 -X- 1997, M. Suarez, McPhail Trap [MEN-UT]. 2 Ƥ, Tolima. Mariquita, 28 -IX- 1997, M. Suarez, McPhail Trap [MEN-UT]. 2 Ƥ, Tolima. Falan, Platilla, VII- 1998, M. Suarez, McPhail Trap [MEN-UT]. 3 Ƥ, $m, Tolima. Cajamarca, 08-IX- 2004, S. G. Gomez & J. H. Ramirez, McPhail Trap [MEN-UT]. Other specimens observed, but without collection data, were 26 females trapped in 2001 in a set of trap experiments in Espinal (Tolima) at 390 m high and two females from Palmira (Valle).

Anastrepha sororcula  has been reported previously from Brazil and Venezuela. Norrbom (2004) report it from Ecuador, Perú, Paraguay and Colombia but without providing any specimen data This species belongs to the A. fraterculus  group and is very similar to A. fraterculus  with which it could be confused easily (Zucchi et al. 1999). Specimens of A. sororcula  collected from Colombia have short ocellar setae, katepisternal seta present, long and thin; wing 6.1–6.8 mm long, 2.5 –3.0 mm wide; C and S-bands joined, S and V-bands separated, V-band diffuse at apex; subscutellum and mediotergite totally brown laterally; oviscape 1.66 mm long (n= 5), spiracles at basal 0.60–0.66 mm; aculeus 1.35–1.47 mm long, aculeus tip 0.18–0.21 mm long, serrate part 0.12–0.13 mm long. Specimens collected in Colombia have the aculeus shorter than in the type specimens (1.50–1.55 mm)( Zucchi 1977), but their aculeus tips are slightly longer (0.17–0.19 mm in Brazilian specimens) (Zucchi et al. 1999). Colombian specimens of Anastrepha sororcula  and A. fraterculus  can be separated based on the length/width ratio of the serrate part of the aculeus tip. This ratio is 0.66–1.14 in A. sororcula  and 0.5–0.55 in A. fraterculus  .

An important fact is that A. sororcula  in Colombia has a wide distribution including low, middle and high locations and more than one state (Tolima and Valle).