Agrisius japonicus dubatolovi Orhant, 2012

Volynkin, Anton V., Dubatolov, Vladimir V. & Kishida, Yasunori, 2018, On the taxonomy of the genus Agrisius Walker, 1855, with descriptions of two new species from Vietnam and Laos (Lepidoptera, Erebidae, Arctiinae), Zootaxa 4459 (1), pp. 128-138: 130

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Agrisius japonicus dubatolovi Orhant, 2012

stat. nov.

Agrisius japonicus dubatolovi Orhant, 2012  , stat. nov.

( Figs 5, 6View FIGURES 1–10, 23, 24View FIGURES 21–26)

Agrisius dubatolovi Orhant, 2012  , Bulletin de la Société Entomologique de Mulhouse 68 (3): 37, Figs 4–6View FIGURES 1–10 (Type lOcality: Thailand, " Kanchanaburi, SOng TOh Mine , 831 M. "). 

Material examined: 1 ♂, Vietnam, Cao Bang, Mt. Pia Oac , 1700 m, III.2002, slide AV1690 ♂ (Coll. SZMNAbout SZMN)  ; 1 ♂, China, Guangxi, Jiuwandashan , VI.2003, Wang Min leg., prep. Dubatolov (Coll. SZMNAbout SZMN)  ; 1 ♂, Hainan Isl., China, Diaoluashang, near Resort hotel, alt. 750/ 900 m, 24.V.2004, LT, K. Ueda leg., prep. Dubatolov (Сoll. SZMNAbout SZMN). 

Remark. This taxon was described by Orhant (2012) as a valid species without comparison with its closest relative A. japonicu  s Leech, 1889, and later Dubatolov & Kishida (2013) have suggested that dubatolovi  might be a subspecies of japonicus  . The detailed comparison of its male genitalia ( Figs 23, 24View FIGURES 21–26) demonstrated its conspecificity with A. japonicus  ( Figs 21, 22View FIGURES 21–26). Nevertheless, dubatolovi  has several morphological differences from A. japonicu  s japonicu  s therefore, here we treat it as a valid subspecies of A. japonicus  .

Diagnosis. Agrisius japonicus dubatolovi  ( Figs 5, 6View FIGURES 1–10) is externally very similar to A. japonicu  s japonicu  s ( Figs 1, 2View FIGURES 1–10) by grey wing coloration, but differs by the slightly larger size and the somewhat narrower forewing. Both those subspecies are geographically separated by A. j. albida Daniel, 1952  , which has whitish wing coloration. The male genitalia of A. japonicus dubatolovi  ( Figs 23, 24View FIGURES 21–26) differ from those of two other subspecies ( Figs 21, 22View FIGURES 21–26) by the uncus shape, which has the longer dorsal processes of its distal branches (thus, the distance between the apex of the dorsal process and the lobe-like rounded crest is the shortest, compared with other subspecies of A. japonicus  ), and also by the smaller vinculum and the somewhat longer distal saccular process.

Distribution. South Сhina (Guangdong, Hainan), Indochina ( Vietnam, Thailand).


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Agrisius japonicus dubatolovi Orhant, 2012

Volynkin, Anton V., Dubatolov, Vladimir V. & Kishida, Yasunori 2018


Agrisius dubatolovi

Orhant 2012