Taeniothrips musae (Zhang & Tong) Zhang & Tong, 2015

Mirab-Balou, Majid, Mound, Laurence A. & Tong, Xiao-Li, 2015, New combinations and a new generic synonym in the genus Taeniothrips (Thysanoptera: Thripidae), Zootaxa 3964 (3), pp. 371-378 : 374-377

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https://doi.org/ 10.11646/zootaxa.3964.3.6

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Taeniothrips musae (Zhang & Tong)

comb. nov.

Taeniothrips musae (Zhang & Tong) View in CoL comb.n.

( Figs 6–12 View FIGURES 1 – 8 View FIGURES 9 – 12 )

Javathrips musae Zhang & Tong, 1990: 193 View in CoL .

This species was described from China, Yunnan Province, on 19 females and 12 males. The head is slightly prolonged in front of the eyes ( Fig. 7 View FIGURES 1 – 8 ), but in other characters the species is typical of Taeniothrips View in CoL . The metanotal median setae are variable in position ( Fig. 10 View FIGURES 9 – 12 ), being far from the anterior margin in the holotype, but sometimes at the anterior margin. This appears to be a fourth member of the picipes View in CoL -group ( Mound et al. 2012) but, in contrast to the other three species, the tibiae of musae View in CoL are yellow, not brown, and the fore wing clavus is pale, not shaded in the basal half. As the only description of this species is in Chinese, a redescription is provided here.

Female macroptera. Body brown to dark brown; yellow at all tibiae and tarsi ( Fig. 7 View FIGURES 1 – 8 ), also antennal segments III–V, segment V brown in distal 1/4 ( Fig. 6 View FIGURES 1 – 8 ); fore wings brown with base paler ( Fig. 12 View FIGURES 9 – 12 ). Head slightly prolonged in front of eyes; constricted behind eyes; with two pairs of ocellar setae, pair III long and situated inside ocellar triangle; five pairs of postocular setae present, pair one smaller than others. Antennae 8-segmented, III and IV with apex neck-like, with forked sense cone; segments III–V and basal half of VI with rows of microtrichia; segment VI with inner simple sense cone; segment VIII longer than VII. Maxillary palps 3-segmented. Pronotum with lines of sculpture, weakly medially, with 18–22 discal setae; 2 pairs of long posteroangular setae; posterior margin with 2–3 pairs of setae. Basantra membranous, without setae. Ferna divided ( Fig. 9 View FIGURES 9 – 12 ). Mesonotum with transverse sculpture, anterior campaniform sensilla present, median setae near posterior margin. Metanotum weakly reticulated, smooth medially; median metanotal setae far behind anterior margin but sometimes at anterior margin; campaniform sensilla present ( Fig. 10 View FIGURES 9 – 12 ). Mesothoracic furca with spinula, metathoracic furca absent. Fore wing first vein with 7 (sometimes 8) setae basally, 1 medially and 2 distally; second vein with complete row of 10–12 setae; clavus with 5 marginal setae and 1 discal seta. Abdominal tergites II–VII with no sculpture mesad of setal pair S2; tergite I with short S1 setae; tergites II–V with median setae small, longer on tergites VI–VIII; tergite VIII with long regular posteromarginal comb; tergite IX with two pairs of campaniform sensilla, median setae reaching posterior margin; tergite X not split. Sternites without discal setae; setae S1 and S2 on sternite VII arising in front of margin ( Fig. 11 View FIGURES 9 – 12 ). Ovipositor well developed.

Male macroptera. Similar to female; sternites III–VII each with large pore plate ( Fig. 8 View FIGURES 1 – 8 ).

Specimens examined. Holotype female, China, Yunnan Province, Mengla, Xishuangbanna, on Musa basjao , 1.iv.1987, Tong Xiao-li (in SCAU); 18 females, 12 males paratypes collected with holotype, same locality, on Musa balbisana , 3.iv.1987, coll. Zhang wei-qiu. Further material: Yunnan Province, Siamo, 16 females on M.

basjao , 31.iii.1987, Zhang Wei-qiu & Tong Xiao-li; Guangdong Province, Nankunshan National Nature Reserve, 1 female on M. basjao , 5.viii.1986, Tong Xiao-li; Hainan Province, Jianfengling, 17 females on M. basjao , 2– 6.iv.1980, Zhang Wei-qiu; 2 females, on Imperata cylindrica , 6.iv.1980, Zhang Wei-qiu.














Taeniothrips musae (Zhang & Tong)

Mirab-Balou, Majid, Mound, Laurence A. & Tong, Xiao-Li 2015

Javathrips musae

Zhang 1990: 193
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