Stenopsyche ningshanensis, Ji-Hua & Bei-Xin & Chang-Hai, 2014

Ji-Hua, Xu, Bei-Xin, Wang & Chang-Hai, Sun, 2014, The Stenopsyche simplex Species Group from China with descriptions of three new species (Trichoptera: Stenopsychidae), Zootaxa 3785 (2), pp. 217-230 : 221-222

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.3785.2.5

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Stenopsyche ningshanensis

sp. nov.

Stenopsyche ningshanensis sp. nov.

( Figs. 2a–f View FIGURE 2 )

Adult (in alcohol). Length of forewing 19.0 mm (n=1). Forewing dark brown, with many irregular light speckles in anterior part, and many large long speckles in posterior part. Hind wing triangular and semi-transparent.

Wing venation ( Figs. 2a–b View FIGURE 2 ) typical of genus, but in forewing Cu 1b curved posterad in middle, crossvein m-cu transparent, distance between m-cu and cu twice as long as length of cu.

Male genitalia. Abdominal segment IX annular; in lateral view ventral 1/3rd of pleuron IX strongly produced anterad and posterad with ventral margin about 3.5 times as long as dorsal margin; apicolateral angle acute, about 1/6th as long as preanal appendage; in ventral view anterior margin of sternum IX with broad and shallow excision, posterior margin sinuate with tiny median projection. Preanal appendage long, setose, sinuate slightly in dorsal view. Segment X tongue-like, sclerotized basally and membranous apically, more than half length of preanal appendage; base 4 times as wide as apex in dorsal view. Intermediate appendage sclerotized, broad at base with lanceolate apex nearly reaching middle of preanal appendage in dorsal view. Superior arm long, highly sclerotized, about half as long as preanal appendage, slightly S-shaped, its distal 1/3rd curled outward and with acute apex. Inferior appendage sub-rectangular, highly depressed in ventral view, about 4 times as long as wide and with apex obliquely truncated in ventral view. Phallus with endothecal armature bearing 4 large spines and many fine spines.

Holotype male: CHINA, Shaan-xi Province , Ning-shan County, Xun-yang Dam , Xiang-tan Ditch, 33.546°N, 108.552°E, alt. 1520 m, 6 June 1998, by black light trap, Ma Yun & Wang Miao. GoogleMaps

Diagnosis. The new species belongs to the first subgroup as indicated by having its intermediate appendage straight and narrow. It is very similar to S. chinensis Hwang 1957 from Fu-jian, China, but differs from the latter in that (1) the intermediate appendage nearly reaches the distal end of segment X (extending beyond the distal end in S. chinensis ); (2) the distal end of segment X is rounded in dorsal view (truncate in S. chinensis ); (3) the lateral margin of the intermediate appendage is sinuate in dorsal view (straight in S. chinensis ).

Etymology. The specific epithet is from the Chinese name of the type locality, Ning-shan County, Shaan-xi Province.

Distribution. China (Shaan-xi).

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