Protophthiracarus korupensis , Niedbała, Wojciech & Starý, Josef, 2014

Niedbała, Wojciech & Starý, Josef, 2014, New and little known species of ptyctimous mites (Acari, Oribatida) from Cameroon, Zootaxa 3889 (1), pp. 31-57: 49-51

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Protophthiracarus korupensis

sp. nov.

Protophthiracarus korupensis  sp. nov.

(Fig. 10 A –I)

Measurements of holotype. Prodorsum: length 308, width 217, height 131, prodorsal setae: sensillus 76, interlamellar (in) 104, lamellar (le) 30, rostral (ro) 63; notogaster: length 545, width 404, height 364; notogastral setae: c 1 101, h 1 121, ps 1 111; genitoaggenital plate 152 × 126; anoadanal plate 164 × 126.

Measurements of paratype I. Prodorsum: length 343, width 242, height 151; notogaster: length 646, width 485, height 444.

Description. Colour brown light to dark. Surface of body covered with sparsely distributed but deep concavities.

Prodorsum with lateral carinae present. Posterior furrows feeble. Sigillar fields short with deep sinus between rostral setae. Sensilli short with rounded head covered with small scales. Interlamellar setae similar to notogastral setae, covered with strong cilia in distal half; lamellar setae spiniform, rough; rostral setae robust, thick, rough, distanced, directed inward; exobothridial setae vestigial.

Notogaster with setae robust, fairly short (c 1 / c 1 -d 1 = 0.8), rigid, covered with dense cilia in distal half. Notogastral setae of row c distanced from anterior notogastral border, setae c 2 further than setae c 1 and c 3. Vestigial setae f 1 slightly anteriorly of h 1 setae. Four pairs of lyrifissures, ia, im, ip, ips, present.

Ventral region. Formula of genital setae: 6 (4 + 2): 3. Anoadanal plates with robust, rough setae of unequal length; adanal setae ad 2 thick and the longest, situated near paraxial margin, near anal setae an 1, adanal setae ad 1 longer than anal setae, adanal setae ad 3 the shortest.

Legs. Chaetome of legs complete type; setae d on femora I remote from anterior border of article.

Material examined. Holotype and 70 paratypes are deposited at DATE from the locus typicus: South –West Province, Korup National Park, 12–16. V. 2006, Rengo Camp, about 8 km NW of Mundemba, latitude 05°02' 11.64 " N, longitude 08° 49 ' 45.96 " E, altitude 300 m, rainforest, litter and soil sifting sample, leg V. Grebennikov, 25 paratypes are deposited at ISBAbout ISB from the same locality, three paratypes are deposited at NMHG from the locality: South –West Province, Mt. Koup Ecological Reserve, Mt. Koup at Nyasoso, 19–21. V. 2006, about 6 km N of Loum, latitude 04° 49 '09.18" N, longitude 09° 42 ' 27.18 " E, altitude 1550 m, submontane foggy forest, litter and soil sifting sample, leg V. Grebennikov.

Etymology. The name of the new species korupensis  refers to the locality—Korup National Park.

Comparison. The new species is most similar to Protophthiracarus venustus (Niedbała, 1983)  ( Niedbała 1983 b) by the similar length and shape of sensilli, interlamellar, lamellar and exobothridial setae of prodorsum and similar notogastral setae. It differs by the long and distanced rostral setae (versus short and near positioned each other setae), deep sinus posterior of rostral setae (versus absence of sinus), presence of vestigial setae and four pairs of lyrifissures (versus absence of vestigial setae and presence of two pairs of lyrifissures), adanal setae ad 2 of anoadanal plate situated near paraxial border, at level of anal setae an 1 (versus remote from paraxial border, at level of an 2 setae).

FIGURE 10 A –I. Protophthiracarus korupensis  sp. nov. (holotype). A, prodorsum, dorsal view; B, prodorsum, lateral view; C, opisthosoma, lateral view; D, seta c 1; E, seta h 1; F, mentum of subcapitulum; G, right genitoaggenital plate; H, right anoadanal plate; I, trochanter and femur of leg I.

FIGURE 11 A –J. Protophthiracarus preptos  sp. nov. (holotype). A, prodorsum, dorsal view; B, prodorsum, lateral view; C, opisthosoma, right side, lateral view; D, anterior part of notogaster, left side, lateral view; E, seta cp; F, seta ps 1; G, mentum of subcapitulum; H, left genitoaggenital plate; I, left anoadanal plate; J, trochanter and femur of leg I.


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