Stipulosina ceroptistylus Yau & Marshall, 2021

Yau, Tiffany & Marshall, Stephen A., 2021, Stipulosina new genus (Diptera: Sphaeroceridae: Limosininae) from bamboo (Chusquea scandens stipules in Ecuador, Zootaxa 5072 (3), pp. 255-277 : 266-273

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Stipulosina ceroptistylus Yau & Marshall

n. sp.

Stipulosina ceroptistylus Yau & Marshall n. sp.

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Description: Body length 1.8–2.8 mm, females on average smaller than males. General color brown but leg parts other than hind femur yellow. Eye height 4.5–5.0× gena height. Mid tibia with an anterodorsal seta at basal quarter, the corresponding posterodorsal seta small and inconspicuous, less than a third as long as anterodorsal seta; anterodorsal, dorsal and smaller posterodorsal setae present at distal 3/4. Second and third costal sectors subequal.

Male abdomen: Sternite 5 with a prominent trifid posteromedial area made up of a small, distally narrow central piece subtended by a cup-like lobe and flanked by longer processes with broad basal ventral lobe with long stout setae and a distal bare ventral lobe giving the apex a beak-like aspect; length anterior to trifid posteromedial area 0.5× length of S4. Epandrium with uniform setae. Surstylus deeply divided into elongate, narrow anterior and posterior ventrally directed lobes, both setose but posterior lobe much longer. Cercus small, slightly convex, with two long, stout setae. Ventral lobe of subepandrial sclerite rounded and short. Basiphallus broadly cylindrical, tapered to distiphallus; distiphallus basally cylindrical and heavily sclerotized, dorsally with a straight fork extending to apex of membranous distal portion, membrane finely spiculate ventrally. Postgonite stout, dark; very broad basally, sharply tapered on distal half.

Female abdomen: Tergite 8 anteromedially desclerotized; T8 of uniform length. Epiproct three quarters as long as cercus. Spermathecae with scale-like pattern.

Etymology: The specific name refers to the deeply cleft surstylus, superficially similar to the surstylus of species in the genus Ceroptera Macquart.

Type material: Holotype (♂, QCAZ): ECUADOR: Napo: SierrAzul Reserve , 14 km W Cosanga, 2200 m, 0°40’55”S, 77°56’9”W, in bamboo stipules, 11.v.2002, S.A. Marshall debu00195553. GoogleMaps

Paratypes: Same as holotype (4♂, 4♀, DEBU); Yanayacu Biological Station , 0°3’S, 77°53’W, 2000–2500 m, 25.ix–13.x.2019, T GoogleMaps . Yau and S.A. Marshall (15♂, 15♀, QCAZ) .


Museo de Zoologia, Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Ecuador


Ontario Insect Collection, University of Guelph


Tavera, Department of Geology and Geophysics