Zelandobius kuscheli McLellan 1993

McLellan, Ian D., 2008, Additions To Zelandobius (Plecoptera: Gripopterygidae Antarctoperlinae) From New Zealand, Illiesia 4 (2), pp. 11-18 : 17-18

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https://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.4758846

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Zelandobius kuscheli McLellan 1993


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Material examined. Holotype ♀ and paratype ♀: NZFD, Manapouri, Wolfe Flat, 1000 m, 16 January 1970, G. Kuschel; 4♂, 5♀, NZFD, Murchison Mts., E McKenzie Burn, 1020 m, 6 July 1980, R. Emberson, beaten Hebe scrub; 1♂, NZFD, Murchison Mts. , E McKenzie Burn, 1020 m, 6 Dec 1980, R. Emberson, C. A. Muir ; 2♂, NZSL, Blue Lake Huts , 260 m, F43 926 176, North Garvie Mts., 25 Oct 1997, E. Edwards, A. McIntosh ; 2♂, NZSL, Blue Lake edge, 1300 m, 260 m, F43 717 176, North Garvie Mts., 26 Oct 1997, E. Edwards, A. McIntosh ; 1♂, NZFD, Wolfe Flat , 1000 m, Turret Range, Exp Jan 1970, W. G. Kuschel ; 2♀ (one with spermatophore), NZFD, Murchison Mts. , E McKenzie Burn, 6 Dec 1980, R. Emberson, beaten Hebe scrub .


Male: Body length 8 mm; antenna 6 mm; forewing 7.5 mm; hind leg 5.5 mm; pronotum length 0.77 mm, width 1.02 mm. Female: Body length 9 mm; antenna 4.5 mm; forewing 7.3 mm; hind leg 4.6-5.0 mm;; pronotum length 1.04 mm, width 1.04 mm.

Adult. Head uniform medium to dark brown; ocelli prominent. Antennae long with first segment of flagellum almost twice as long as scape. Pronotum uniform medium brown, rectangular (slightly wider than long) to square. Forewing ( Fig. 20 View Figs ) with most distal crossveins white; 3 brown bars across wing distally; areas between bars in middle of wing white; tip of wing brown. Rs fork 0.17 x length of Rs. Legs of male darker with a pale bar on femora. Legs of female light brown and without a pale bar on femora. Male genitalia. ( Figs. 21-23 View Figs ). Posterior margin of central sclerite concave. Membranous cone with sides in distal half much convexly tapered. Posterior sclerite long, dark with slightly upturned tip. Epiproct curved to a short sharp tip; ventral hook of medium length with rounded tip. Paraproct with a large curved spine on tip and without basal bulge to spine. Cerci each with about 9 segments and downcurved.

Female genitalia. ( Fig. 24 View Figs ). Subgenital plate with short lateral lobes. Medially from the medial emargination and as wide as it, a white patch extends the length of the plate and onto the rear of sternite 7. Lateral to the patch most of the plate surface is brown to dark brown, rugulose, and covered with minute dark rings (bristle basal rings without the bristles). These modified lateral areas taper anteriorly and terminate in the dark bases of plate apodemes. An almost circular to triangular similarly modified raised patch is present posteromedially on sternite 7. Sternite 9 is similarly modified posteromedially and bulged into the medial emargination closing the genital opening. Cerci of about 10 segments.






Departamento de Geologia, Universidad de Chile

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