Zelandobius alatus McLellan 1993

McLellan, Ian D., 2008, Additions To Zelandobius (Plecoptera: Gripopterygidae Antarctoperlinae) From New Zealand, Illiesia 4 (2), pp. 11-18 : 12-14

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Zelandobius alatus McLellan 1993


Zelandobius alatus McLellan 1993 View in CoL

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Zelandobius alatus McLellan, 1993 View in CoL , 1-70 (initial description of female only).

Here the male and nymph are described for the first time but with more material and better technology I thought it better to redescribe the female.

Material examined. Holotype ♀, NZCO, Old Man Range , 1554 m, in pool, 19 Feb 1974, J. S. Dugdale ( NZAC); 2 paratype ♀, short-winged, NZCO, Rock and Pillar Range, 1280 m, 5 Dec 1991, B. H. Patrick ( NZAC); 3♀, NZCO, Old Man Range, 1450 m, 1 Jan 1992, B. H. Patrick; 1 ♀, short-winged, NZCO, South end Old man Range, 1335-1365 m, 11 Jan 1992, B. H. Patrick; 2♀, NZCO, Old Man Range, 1450 m, 11 Jan 1992, B. H. Patrick; 1♀, NZOL, Rob Roy Valley , 850 m, West Matukituki, 6 Dec 1992, B. H. Patrick; 1♀, NZCO, Rock and Pillar Range, W of McPhee's Rock, 1100-1200 m, 26 Feb 1993, B. H. Patrick; 1♀, NZCO, Rock and Pillar Range, 1220 m, 17 Dec 1994, B. H. Patrick; 1♀, NZSL, Blue Mountains, 980 m, 15 Dec 1995, B& H. Patrick; 4♂, 2♀, NZCO, Old Woman Range, 1600 m, 1 Jan 1996, B. H. Patrick; 4♂, 2♀, 3 larvae, 2 exuvia ,, NZCO, Old Woman Range, 1680- 1720 m, 1 Jan 1996, B. H. Patrick; 1♂, 2♀, 11larvae, NZCO, Old Woman Range, 1600 m, 4 Feb 1996, B. H. Patrick; 1♀, NZCO, Coal Ck, 1350 m, Old Man Range, 22145, 55327, 30 Jan 1997, E. Edwards, R. Logan, S. J. Morris; 2♀, NZCO, Old Man Range, 1600 m, stream edge, 6 Feb 1997, B. H. Patrick.


Male: Body length 5.5-8 mm; antenna 3.5-4 mm; wing 1.5 mm; hind leg 5 mm; pronotum length 0.8 mm, width 1.12 mm. Female: Body length 6-7.5 mm; antenna 4.5-6 mm; forewing 1.87-7 mm; hind leg 5-5.8 mm; pronotum length 0.96 mm, width 1.28 mm. Larva: Body length 6.5–8 mm; antenna 2.5 mm; cercus broken but would be about 2 mm.

Adult. Head with a brown mask between prominent ocelli. Antennal flagellum with 1st segment shorter than scape. Pronotum wider posteriorly. Wings variable in length from full wing to short wing terminating on tergite 2. Forewing with Rs fork variable in length, from 0.17x as long as Rs, and sometimes containing a crossvein, to 0.28x as long as Rs. Distal half of forewing with 3 dark bars across the wing surrounding very pale, expanded distal crossveins. Legs brown with tibiae paler than femora. Abdominal tergites and sternites sclerotised,

Male genitalia. ( Figs. 1-4 View Figs ). Posterior margin of central sclerite much rounded; membranous cone long and curved down distally to a long dark upcurved posterior sclerite. Epiproct with 2 pairs of marginal teeth, one pair sub-apically and the other pair about mid length; tip long, tapered and slightly curved with rounded apex. Paraproct with dorsal and posterior margins curved up to a sharp slightly curved apical spine. Subgenital plate much rounded but extended when 3 lobed penis is everted. Cerci each with about 11 segments and downcurved.

Female genitalia. ( Fig. 5 View Figs ). Subgenital plate with an almost W-shaped dark patch, the apices of its arms extending into the lobes. Medial emargination and lobes with narrow, heavily sclerotised margins. Subgenital plate and sternite 9 with prominent lateral sternotergal ridges. Cercus each 12-segmented.

Larva. ( Figs. 6-9 View Figs ). Much like the type species but thickset with broad shorter legs and larger claws. Anal gill rosette prominent. Preserved specimens brown. The mouthparts are unremarkable. Mandible with a row of about 6 short teeth and prostheca with a row of short bristles. Lacinia with two apical teeth with rounded tips and a comb of 10-12 bristles.




New Zealand, Auckland, Landcare Research, New Zealand Arthropod Collection






New Zealand Arthropod Collection


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Zelandobius alatus McLellan 1993

McLellan, Ian D. 2008

Zelandobius alatus

Zelandobius alatus McLellan, 1993
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