Turienzo, Paola & Iorio, Osvaldo Di, 2008, Insects found in birds’ nests from Argentina: Anumbius annumbi (Vieillot, 1817) (Aves: Furnariidae), Zootaxa 1871, pp. 1-55: 40

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Megatoma  sp. [sp. 7]

With long black larvae (similar to Trogoderma  sp. 1), the adults are totally black, and longer and narrower than the adults of Trogoderma  sp. 5, assigned provisionally to the genus Megatoma  on the basis of the first segment of metatarsus being shorter than the second, and by the less elongated last antennal segment in the males, a distinctive character contrastin with the long last antennal segment in the males of Attagenus  spp. ( Hinton 1945).