Amerila niveivitrea ( Bartel, 1903 )

Przybyłowicz, Łukasz, Maicher, Vincent, László, Gyula M., Sáfián, Szabolcs & Tropek, Robert, 2019, Amerila (Lepidoptera: Erebidae: Arctiinae) of Cameroon with morphological remarks on male and female genitalia, Zootaxa 4674 (2), pp. 283-295 : 291

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Amerila niveivitrea ( Bartel, 1903 )


Amerila niveivitrea ( Bartel, 1903) (Figs 12–13, 28)

Material (3 specimens). 1♀ Dom Forest , NW Province, 28-29.xi.2011, 1850- 2100 m a.s.l., N 6.3570°, E 10.6088°, lgt. R. Tropek, P. Jansta, D. Lestina GoogleMaps ; 1♂ Mount Cameroon (SW slope), 6.xi.2016, Mann’s Spring (2200 m a.s.l.), N 4.1428°, E 9.1226°, lgt. V. Maicher, Sz. Sáfián, Š. Janeček, R. Tropek (the latter two attracted by light) GoogleMaps ; 1♀ as above but 10.iv.2015, PlanteCam camp (1100 m a.s.l.), N 4.1175°, E 9.0709° (bait-trapped) GoogleMaps .


One of the most widespread Amerila species, known from 14 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. In Cameroon, it was recorded from Southwest and Northwest Provinces. On Mount Cameroon, A. niveivitrea was recorded only between 1100 and 2200 m a.s.l. ( Fig. 1 View FIGURE 1 ).

Female genitalia (Fig. 28)

Papillae anales subsquare, terminally covered with dense setae; a pair of elongated membranous protuberances ventrally, anteriorly from the oviduct; protuberances distinctly wide and shallow proximally, then gradually tapering and more conspicuous distally; anterior apophyses moderate length, straight, not triangular; apophyses posteriores of the same width, 50 percent longer than the anterior apophyses; dorsal and ventral pheromone glands reduced; sternum VIII moderately sclerotized with a pair of small, rounded protrusions raised towards the median line of the body; ostium bursae wide, sclerotized; ductus bursae much shorter than its width, membranous; corpus bursae forming an irregular, ovoid, densely plicate pouch with several small, spiny, heavily sclerotized signa; single, elongate near the origin of the ductus seminalis and several minute sclerotizations forming an irregular line in the proximal section of corpus bursae; ductus seminalis narrow, originating from the slightly convex medio-lateral portion of the corpus bursae.


Female genitalia were briefly described in Häuser & Boppré (1997), but have not been illustrated anywhere yet.













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