Vargas, Rita & Kawauchi, Gisele Y., 2010, Sipunculans and Echiurans of Isla del Coco (Cocos Island), Costa Rica, Zootaxa 2557, pp. 60-68: 63

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.196936

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Phascolosoma   sp.

Material examined. Bahía Chatham, intertidal calcareous rock, April 2008, two specimens, 9 and 20 mm; Punta Ulloa, subtidal calcareous rock, 3 m, 28 May 2008, three specimens, 19, 22 & 34 mm; 12 m, drag, 23 May 2008, one specimen, 28 mm (gravid); Silverado, subtidal calcareous rock, 11 m, 25 May 2008, one specimen, 26 mm.

Description. The body has scattered, small, rounded papillae with some densely packed conical papillae at the posterior end. Anterior to the anus there are reddish papillae with a wide base and an extended, nipplelike region. There are approximately 40 rows of hooks and the introvert is pigmented on the dorsal surface; hooks with a small secondary tooth.

Habitat. Intertidal-subtidal, calcareous rock, 0– 15 m.

Remarks. This is probably what has been previously identified as Phascolosoma perlucens Baird, 1868   for Costa Rica, however it is apparent that the small secondary tooth is unlike the larger, rounded tooth described for P. perlucens   in Cutler (1994). The nature of the pre-anal papillae is also dissimilar.