Anisepyris elenwei Barbosa & Azevedo

Barbosa, Diego N. & Azevedo, Celso O., 2018, Revision of Anisepyris Kieffer (Hymenoptera, Bethylidae), with description of 135 new species, Zootaxa 4416 (1), pp. 1-258: 187-188

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Anisepyris elenwei Barbosa & Azevedo

sp. nov.

Anisepyris elenwei Barbosa & Azevedo  , sp. nov.

( Figs 24BView FIGURE 24; 25B; 25F; 25I)

Description, female. Body length 4.61 mm. Head and mesosoma black; wings subhyaline; metasoma castaneous. Head wide. Mandible with five distal teeth, narrow, curved, with lower tooth longer than others. Median clypeal lobe rounded, long. Frons coriaceous  ; antennal scrobe carinate. Eye large. Frontal angle of ocellar triangle acute; ocelli large. Vertex convex. Pronotal disc as long as wide, sparsely punctate; transverse pronotal carina complete; posterior margin with posterior pronotal sulcus. Notaulus very narrow. Mesoscutellar disc with mesoscutellar sulcus narrow. Metapectal-propodeal disc long; metapostnotal median carina complete; longitudinal ridges present; metapostnotal-propodeal suture straight; paraspiracular carina present and conspicuous; metapleural carina present and conspicuous; metapectal-propodeal disc with short striae; propodeal declivity strigate. Mesopleuron with anterior fovea closed; mesopleural fovea closed; lower fovea closed; posterior fovea absent; mesopleural suture opened. Forewing with stigma developed; Rs&M vein distinguished. Mesotibia not spinose; claws bifid. Metasomal segments glabrous. Genitalia. T9 with anterior arm long and overlapping 2vf; 1vv as long as genitalia body; 2vv as long as 1vv length, smoothly narrowing apicad; 3vv short; 1vf strongly curved forward; 2vf slender and with dorsal lap strongly swollen posteriorly; 1rv slightly curved forward, ventral process large, and posterior process short; 2rv slightly curved forward.

Material examined. Holotype, ♀, BRAZIL, Espírito Santo, Pinheiros, Res[erva] Biol [ógica] Córrego do Veado , 18°21'S 40°09'W, 09–, arm[adilha] Möricke, M.T. Tavares & equipe col[etores] ( UFES 63361View Materials)GoogleMaps  . Paratypes (53). MEXICO  , Yucatan, 1 ♀, Childen, Itzé, 17.xii.1993, L. Masner [collector] ( CNCIAbout CNCI)  ; PANAMA  , Colon, 1 ♀, N. jct. Escobal Rd. & Piñard Rd. on Piña , ~ 20m, 2– [19]96, J Ashe & R Brooks [collectors] ( UCDCAbout UCDC)  ; FRENCH GUYANA, Saül  , 1 ♀, 7 Km N 63 Km SE of Eaux Claires , M[oun]t Fuméc , 490m, 1–, FIT, J  . Ashe, R, Brooks [collectors] (CNCI); BRAZIL, Amazonas, 1 ♀, Manaus, campus univ[ersitário], 192, Mal [aise] tr[ap], J.A. Rafael [coletor] ( OSUCAbout OSUC)  ; Maranhão, 1 ♀, 08.vii.1987, [armadilha] Möricke ( UFES 10180View Materials)  ; Rio Grande do Norte, 1 ♀, Mossoró, Fazenda Stª Júlia, Caatinga, 05°01'10"S 37°22'56"W, 06.iii.2007, arm[adilha] Malaise, D.R.R. Fernandes & eq[uipe] col[etores] ( UFES 32105View Materials)GoogleMaps  ; Pará, 1 ♀, Melgaço, Floresta Nacional Caxiuanã, Trilha Igarapé Ararua, 24.xi–27.xi.2003, arm[adilha] Möricke, A.P. Aguiar & J.D. Dias ( MPEGAbout MPEG)  ; 1 ♀, Melgaço, Floresta Nacional Caxiuanã (MPEG); 1 ♀, Canaã dos Carajás , 6.4°68'93"S 49.8°80'27"W, 29.xi.2005, arm[adilha] Malaise, R.M. Valente & E.M. Santos col[etores] ( MPEGAbout MPEG)  ; Alagoas, 1 ♀, S[anta] Luzia do Itanhy, Crasto, arm[adilha] Möricke—trilha 6, 11°22'40.9"S 37°24'53.6"W, 02–05.viii.2001, MT Tavares e eq[uipe] col[lector] ( UFES 29570View Materials)GoogleMaps  ; 1 ♀, bosque 7, 30.vii–02.viii.2001 (UFES 29740); Goiás, 1 ♀, Alto Paraíso, P[ar]q[ue] Nac [ional] Chapada do Veadeiros , 14°00'S 47°41'W, 7–23.ix.2005, arm[adilha] Malaise, Aguiar & eq[uipe] col[etor] ( MZSPAbout MZSP)GoogleMaps  ; 1 ♀, 9–11.ix.2005, arm[adilha] Möricke; 1 ♀, 13–15.ix.2005; 2 ♀, 18–20.ix.2005; Mato Grosso, 1 ♀, Rondonópolis , 28.viii.1990, Cerrado, M.T. Tavares col[etor] ( UFES 10256View Materials)  ; 1 ♀, 10.x.1990 (UFES 10231); 1 ♀, 17.x.1991, mata (UFES 10250); 1 ♀, Sinop, ii.1956 (V[arredura]), O. Roffa col[lector] ( CNCIAbout CNCI)  ; Bahia, 1 ♀, S[an]ta Rita de Cassia , 14–17.vii.1991, bandeja de agua, STPAbout STP Amarantes & CF Martins col[etores] ( MZSPAbout MZSP)  ; Minas Gerais, 1 ♀, Marliéria, P[arque] E[stadual] Rio Doce, Área Tereza , 19°37'S 42°34'W, 17–24.vii.2002, arm[adilha] Malaise , JCR Fontenelle col[etor] ( UFESAbout UFES 102854)GoogleMaps  ; Espírito Santo, 1 ♀, Santa Teresa, Est[ação] Biol [ógica] de S[an]ta Lúcia , 638m, 19°58'19.5"S 40°32'10.3"W, 6–9.iv.2001, [armadilha] Möricke, C.O. Azevedo & equipe col[etores] ( UFES 29653View Materials)GoogleMaps  ; 1 ♀, S[anta] Leopoldina, Alto  Rio da Farinhas , 20°05'S 40°36'W, 14–24.v.2008, arm[adilha] Malaise, Waichert & Furieri col[etores] ( UFES 80103View Materials)GoogleMaps  ; 1 ♀, Domingos Martins, Pico do Eldorado , 20°22'17"S 40°39'29"W, 03–10.xii.2004, [armadilha] Malaise, Tavares & equipe col[etores] ( UFES 09813View Materials)GoogleMaps  ; 1 ♀, Atílio Vivacqua, Faz[enda] José Carlos Lustoza , 20°55'57.6"S 41°11'22.1"W, 20–27.ii.2003, armadilha Malaise, M Tavares, C Azevedo e eq[uipe] col[etore] ( UFES 29606View Materials)GoogleMaps  ; Rio de Janeiro, 1 ♀  , Rio de Janeiro  , Represa Rio Grande, ii.1976, M. Alvarenga [collector] ( CNCIAbout CNCI)  ; São Paulo, 1 ♀, Descalvado, Faz[enda] Itaúnas, Cerrado, 21°54'S 47°37'W, 02.ii.2006, arm[adilha] Malaise, N.W. Perioto & equipe col[etore] ( UFES 79520View Materials)GoogleMaps  ; 1 ♀, 06.iv.2006 (UFES 79183); 2 ♀, 20.iv.2006 (UFES 79765; 79772); 2 ♀, 18.v.2006 (UFES 79697; 79808); 3 ♀, (UFES 79644; 79737; 79981); 2 ♀, 20.vii.2006 (UFES 79901; 79912); 1 ♀, São carlos, 26.x.1985, solo, cerrado, N.W. Perioto col[etor] ( UFES 10098View Materials)  ; 1 ♀, 27.xii.1989 (UFES 10096); 2 ♀, Am [érico] Brasiliense, cerradão, Clube Náutico , arm[adilha] Möricke , 26–28.iv.2000, MT Tavares e equipe col[etores] ( UFES 10077View Materials; 10079)  ; 1 ♀, Ibitinga , cultura de seringueira, 02.xi.1988, B[andeja] amarela, ( UFES 10277View Materials)  ; 1 ♀, 16.xi.1988, [armadilha] Möricke, (UFES 10289); 1 ♀, 30.xi.1988 (UFES 10047); 1 ♀, Bauru, UNESP, Cerrado , 06.vii.1990, S  . S. Ruiz col[etor] (UFES 10110); 1 ♀, Bauru, Est[ação] Ecol [ógica], Cerrado , 21.ix.1990, [armadilha] Möricke, S. S. Ruiz col[etor] ( UFES 10132View Materials)  ; Paraná, 1 ♀  , Jundiaí do Sul, Fazendo Monte Verde ,, Lev [antamento] Ent [omológico] Profaupar, [armadilha] Malaise ( DZUPAbout DZUP)  ; 1 ♀, 02.xi.1987; 1 ♀, 09.xi.1987; 1 ♀, 25.i.1987; 1 ♀, Telêmaco Borba, Res[erva] Samuel Klabin ,, Lev [antamento] Ent [omológico] Profaupar, [armadilha] Malaise ( DZUPAbout DZUP)  ; Rio Grande do Sul, 1 ♀, Pelotas, 16m, arm[adilha] Malaise , 31°44'39"S 52°13'22"W, 23.iv.2004, R.F. Krüger col[etor] ( UFES 30308View Materials)GoogleMaps  .

Distribution. Mexico; Panama; French Guyana; Brazil: Amazonas, Maranhão, Rio Grande do Norte, Pará, Sergipe, Goiás, Mato Grosso, Bahia, Espírito Santo, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul.

Remarks. This new species differs from A. bogotensis  by having the head wider than long; the clypeus rounded; the mandible narrow with the lower tooth longer than the others; the antennal scrobe carinate; the frontal angle of the ocellar triangle acute; the transverse pronotal carina incomplete; the metapostnotum with longitudinal ridges; the mesopleuron with the mesopleural and lower foveae closed; the metasomal segments glabrous; the genitalia with 1vv as long as the genitalia body; and the 2vv as long as 1vv, whereas A. bogotensis  has the head as wide as long; the clypeus angulate; the mandible very narrow with the teeth equally wide; the antennal scrobe ecarinate; the frontal angle of the ocellar triangle forming a right angle; the transverse pronotal carina absent; the metapostnotum without longitudinal ridges; the mesopleuron with the mesopleural and lower foveae opened; the metasomal segments sparsely setose; the genitalia with 1vv longer than the genitalia body; and the 2vv shorter than 1vv.


Canadian National Collection Insects


R. M. Bohart Museum of Entomology


Oregon State University


Museu Paraense Emilio Goeldi


Sao Paulo, Museu de Zoologia da Universidade de Sao Paulo


La Soci�t� Guernesiaise, Priaulx Library


Universidade Federal do Espirito Santo


Universidade Federal do Parana, Colecao de Entomologia Pe. Jesus Santiago Moure