Homalota Mannerheim, 1830

Cao, Dandan, Wei, Jianrong, Liu, Shuwen, Zhao, Zhengping, Wang, Liping & Ji, Baozhong, 2018, A new species of Homalota Mannerheim, 1830 (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Aleocharinae) from Nanjing, China, Zootaxa 4444 (3), pp. 327-332: 328

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Homalota Mannerheim, 1830


Genus Homalota Mannerheim, 1830 

Type species: Aleochara plana Gyllenhal, 1810  .

Diagnosis: Homalota  is distinguished by the following combination of characters: 1) body strongly to moderately flattened dorsoventrally, parallel-sided; 2) head almost as wide as pronotum; 3) eye moderate in siZe, slightly protruding outwards; 4) infraorbital carina well developed, complete; 5) labial palpus with two palpomeres, ligula bifid in apical half; 6) scutellum posteromedially round; 7) tarsal formula 4-4-5, the first metatarsomere elongate or usually shorter ( Yang, 1982); 8) mesocoXae narrowly separated, isthmus present, less than about half of mesocoXae length; 9) posterior margin of tergite VIII with processes in males (most species) or in both seXes (some species) ( Kim & Ahn, 2014).