Fenimorea sunderlandi (Petuch, 1987)

Fallon, Phillip J., 2016, Taxonomic review of tropical western Atlantic shallow water Drilliidae (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Conoidea) including descriptions of 100 new species, Zootaxa 4090 (1), pp. 1-363: 201-204

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Fenimorea sunderlandi (Petuch, 1987)


Fenimorea sunderlandi (Petuch, 1987) 

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Splendrillia sunderlandi Petuch, 1987: 18–19  , pl. 2, figs. 9, 10. Turgeon et al. (1998: 102). Fenimorea sunderlandi (Petuch, 1987)  : Tippett (1995: 133; figs. 15, 16, 30); K. & L. Sunderland (1999: 17, text fig.); Williams (2005; 2009: 1556).

Type material. Holotype 39.8 x 14.5 mm (USNM 859800); paratype: 1 spec. (Kevin Sunderland coll.; not examined).

Type locality. 50 km S of Apalachicola, Franklin Co., W Florida, in 150 m depth.

Other material examined. An additional 29 specimens were examined: Mexico: 1 spec., 31.2 x 10.9 mm, in 73 m, 241 km NE of Progresso, Yucatan, H. Storter! Jun 1953 (UF 156465); 2 spec., 30.8 x 12.6 & 20.4 x 8.0 mm, in 110 m, 241 km NE of Progresso, Yucatan, H. Storter! Jun 1953 (UF 196864); 2 spec., 53.2 x 20.2 & 51.3 x 18.9 mm, in 102–114 m, 17 km, N of Arenas Cay, Campeche Bank, 22 ° 16.57 'N, 91 ° 23.06 'W, E. García! aboard R/V Pelican 15 Jun 2005 (EFG 25988); 1 spec. 22.5 x 9.2 mm, in 93–94 m, Campeche Bank, 20 ° 51.16 'N, 92 ° 26.28 'W, E. García! aboard R/V Pelican, 10 Jun 2005 (EFG 26530); 1 spec., 16.9 x 6.8 mm, in 84–89 m, Campeche Bank, 22 °20.00'N, 90 ° 49.43 'W, E. García! aboard R/V Pelican, 18 Jun 2005 (EFG 26010). Louisiana: 1 spec., 48.2 x 17.6 mm, in 68–86 m, offshore, 27 ° 58.34 'N, 92 ° 22.42 'W, E. García! aboard R/V Pelican, 22 Jun 2005 (EFG 25835). W Florida: 1 spec., 51.9 x 18.1 mm, in 91 m, W of Crystal River, Citrus Co., J. Moore! May 1963 (USNM 880077); 3 spec., 51.3 x 18.1, 49.5 x 16.6, 29.5 x 7.9 mm, in 53 m, N of Johns Pass, Pinellas Co., D. Steger! (DMNH 107834); 1 spec., 33.3 x 12.5 mm, off Egmont Key, Hillsborough Co., N. Hepler! (DMNH 45212); 2 spec., 36.8 x 13.0 & 37.9 x 13.4 mm, in 73 m, W of Egmont Key, Hillsborough Co., J. Moore! Dec 1961 (UF 470323); 1 spec., 52.6 x 18.6 mm, in 73 m, 105 mi [169 km] off of Egmont Key, Hillsborough Co., 27 ° 34 'N, 082° 46 'W (ANSP 395504); 1 spec., 51.0 x 16.9 mm, in 183 m, W of Tampa, Hillsborough Co., Jun 1969 (author’s coll.); 1 spec., 31.0 x 11.0 mm, in 53 m, 137 km W of Marco I., Collier Co. (author’s coll.). Florida Keys: 1 spec., 42.3 x 14.8 mm, in 110 m, SSW of Key West, R. Black! aboard R/V Joan Celeste, 4 Dec 1965 (UF 155680); 1 spec., 11.6 x 4.7 mm, in 85 m, 113 km NNW of Dry Tortugas, 1968 (UF 266467). E Florida: 1 spec., 19.1 x 8.2 mm, in 61 m, off Hypoluxo, Palm Beach Co., Bingham! Sep 1980 (DMNH 195726); 1 spec., 26.4 x 10.4 mm, in 61 m, off Hypoluxo, Palm Beach Co., Scarboro! Jan 1981 (DMNH 213035); 1 spec., 38.9 x 14.1 mm, in 61 m, off Hypoluxo, Palm Beach Co., G. Scarboro! Jan 1981 (ANSP 354099); 1 spec., 31.4 mm, in 37 m, WOE Radio Towers to Breakers Hotel, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Co., McGinty! 14 Apr 1951 (UF 186337); 1 spec., 29.1 x 11.4 mm, in 55 m, off Palm Beach, Palm Beach Co., McGinty! 14 Apr 1951 (UF 156441). Bahama Is.: 1 spec., 28.4 x 11.7 mm, in 14 m, 0.8 km W of Frozen Cay, Berry Is., 14 ° 34 '06"N, 077° 43 ' 43 "W, (author’s coll.). Puerto Rico: 1 spec. 50.5 x 18.1 mm, from deep water fish trap, off Playa de Ponce, south central coast (author’s coll.); Lesser Antilles: 1 spec., 31.0 x 11.3 mm, in 200–300 m, S of la Désirade I., Guadeloupe (P. Stahlschmidt coll.); 1 spec., 40.3 x 13.8 mm, off St. Luce, Martinique, from dry fishermen’s net, R. Delannoye! (R. Delannoye coll.).

Range and habitat. Mexico (Campeche Bank); Louisiana; W Florida (off Citrus Co.; off Pinellas Co.; off Hillsborough Co.; off Collier Co.); Florida Keys (off Key West; off Dry Tortugas); E Florida (off Palm Beach Co.); Bahama Is. (Berry Is.); Puerto Rico (off south central coast); Guadeloupe; Martinique (off St. Luce). Reported from 14–183 m (most reports> 50 m). Fenimorea sunderlandi  is one of six largest of the Fenimorea  (> 30 mm) that include F. abscondita  , F. janetae  , F. kathyae  , F. moseri  and F. tessellata  that are more commonly taken in moderately deep water (> 50 m).

Description. Shell large (to 53.2 mm) fusiform, truncated anteriorly, with up to approximately 11 convex whorls including protoconch; sutures appressed and shoulders sloped, not angular; body whorl large (approximately 54 % of total shell length). Protoconch of 2 smooth round whorls, the first not immersed in the second. Axial sculpture of numerous slightly opisthocline ribs that extend from suture-to-suture on the spire whorls, greatly reduced in sulcus below the suture, then extending over most of the shell base, evanescing at the anterior fasciole or a little before; ribs 9–13 on penultimate, 8–13 on last whorl to varix, crests narrow, not rounded. Intercostal space varies from about the same to a little wider than rib width. Varix large, but not hump-like, positioned about ¼- to ⅓-whorl from the edge of the outer lip. Spiral sculpture of very fine closely-spaced spiral threads and finer axial growth striae visible between the spiral threads; minute elongate pits appear in the void between the striae. Growth striae are oblique to the ribs and recurved in the sulcus. Sulcus concave, about ¼-whorl height, ribs much reduced, hooked; spiral threads closer than on whorl proper, and growth striae also hooked reflecting the outline of the anal sinus. Outer lip thin, somewhat flattened from the varix to near the lip’s edge where it hooks into the aperture; with one or more axial folds. Lip edge forms a low arc from anal sinus to the end of the anterior canal with the stromboid notch only represented by a slight indentation, or rise along the arc of the lip’s edge. Anal sinus on the whorl’s shoulder near but not at the suture, deep, U-shaped, offset from the shell axis by a parietal lobe, and inner edge flared out, spout-like in mature specimens. Inner lip narrowest and erect on edge of anterior canal, recumbent and widest on columella, narrower and thin on parietal wall; a parietal lobe present at junction with outer lip. Anterior canal short, wide, open; tip bent to the right viewed ventrally. Canal notched at its tip; anterior fasciole slightly swollen in mature specimens. Color white with 3 or 4 reddish-brown and yelloworange spiral bands interrupted by white ribs: a broad central one, which is darkest, and a thinner, lighter colored band on either side, with a diffuse even lighter band around the anterior region of the shell.

Remarks. Taxonomy. Fenimorea sunderlandi  has all of the characteristics of the genus: a shell surface microsculpture typical of Fenimorea  , ribs that extend from suture-to-suture but reduced in the sulcus, and a deep U-shaped anal sinus. The anterior margin of the sulcus is not impressed, varix not hump-like, and anterior canal moderately long, which is typical of deep water species of this genus. Variability. The average total length of 31 measured specimens is 36.25 mm (11.6–53.2 mm), their W/ L ratio  is 0.372. This is a variable species. Whorl shoulders may be well rounded or tabulate; color bands may be restricted to the intercostal space or continuous, or color may be absent altogether. More extreme examples of variability are seen near the limits of its distribution: Bahama Is. to the east, Martinique to the south, and Campeche Bank to the west. Specimens from these areas are shown in Plate 97View PLATE 97. Identification. Fenimorea sunderlandi  is sometimes misidentified as F. janetae Bartsch, 1934 in  museum collections, possibly because it has only been recently described, and because of the great rarity and hence unavailability of true F. j an e t a e for comparison. Fenimorea sunderlandi  is not uncommon in collections, mostly represented by individuals in their growth phase—without mature lips (see Pl. 96, Figs. 6–8). Fenimorea sunderlandi  differs from F. janetae  principally in shell form, having rounder whorls compared to the angular ones of F. janetae  , and also in coloration. Fenimorea janetae  has a broad mid-whorl band the lower portion of which overrides the ribs, whereas F. sunderlandi  has a narrower one entirely interrupted by ribs, and a thin, lightercolored one on the whorls’ shoulder, also confined to rib interspaces. From F. kathyae Tippett, 1995  it differs in size, being somewhat larger (35.76 mm in average total length, versus 31.77 mm), in having more axials (9–13 versus 8–10 on the penultimate whorl), and in coloration (central reddish-brown band is not interrupted by ribs in F. kathyae  ). The intercostal space of F. kathyae  is a deeper reddish color, not a dark orange as in F. sunderlandi  . See under F. tartaneata  , new species for differences from that species.